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  1. I have rosacea(papulopustular). I am on minocycline and retino for about 1 year now. When i first started this treatment combined with chemical peels i got good results and i stopped going to my derm. as she was recommending laser for better results which my parents and family doctor didnt approve.On the advice of my family doctor i continued the same treatment.But when my acne had really gone i stopped taking minoz as they are too expensive.But then i after some time i started breaking out li
  2. my English textbook has a chapter in which a teenage girl gets her first spot or a pimple.its called "a bit of a spot."then the story goes on that how her brother makes fun of her and her mother consoles her explaining how eating veggies can keep pimples at bay. in the end her skin goes clear but the next day she again has a spot on her nose.this is one of the most fucking chapter and our teacher is going to teach it very soon.i am embarrassed and i don't know how to react because my skin has no
  3. my mother always says that dandruff is causing my acne because when i had a major breakout i was having a lot of dandruff.but i really dont get the relation between the two. at that time itself i visited derm and i was put on tretinoin and minoz.she also prescribed an anti-dandruff shampoo after which my dandruff problem was completely solved and my acne improved a lot.this was not definitley because of the shampoo but may be it helped a little.because after discontinueing the shampoo after 3
  4. doctor kows best.you should go to a good dermatologist and he will suggest whatever is best .self treatment can make things worst.
  5. never heard of this regimen before.how does it work?even i am struggling to get some good results from topicals.hope you nrw regimen works for you.
  6. my mother always comments on my face.that embarasses me a lot.i hate it evenmore when my little bbrothers comment.one of my friend during recess pointed out at my pimples and said it looks food is stuck on my face.worst happens when people give you all sorts of advices.
  7. even i felt that this crap would never happen to me.i remember the good ol' days.but this is the reality just face it.
  8. i have read that actually in some cases toothpaste helped in clearing acne if used regularly.
  9. my nose is very clear compared to my cheeks.they are the worst part.oily skin might be the reason
  10. i can feel your pain.i have also cried my heart out.i have not seen myself in mirror for about six months.dont feel disgusted about yourself. i hate myself and thats how i am.everything happens for some good reason and so does acne.look at its positve side.you should go out and meet your friends.if they are your true friends they will surely understand you. for scarring you should try dermabrasion or just have few rounds of chemical peeling.
  11. even i have gone through this.even the servant of my friend enquired about acne.my family members pass more comments on my skin rather than my friends may be because they know me better.sometimes a whole big discussion goes on between my relatives especially my mom ,aunt and grandma.my aunt is the peskiest of all the creatures in my family.i am quiet shy.i feel so angry but cannot expressit so i just cried in front of my sisters and my aunt and they didnt even thought that it must be because of
  12. i advice you to first try tretinoin cream.for moderate acne its perfect.i am on it and my skin is improving a bit.but you should go to a good dermatologist and discuss. tretioin makes your skin dry but after some time your skin will adjust to it.it takes a maximum of 6 weeks to show notable change.
  13. i have tried this and trust me it didnt work.some of my pimples they really got irritated and more red.it is said that lemon helps to keep your skin clean than may be it will work for those with oily skin. i used lemon for some five days but it didnt work it made it even worse so i stopped.
  14. girls would go for your confidence even ii it is a guy with acne.being fearful will make matters even worse so stop thnking and just ask.
  15. your ondition is the same as mine.i cant diferentiate between a cyst and al other acne types.my dotor said i have inflammatory moderate acne.you should have a deep talk with your dermatologist