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  1. Thanks a lot everyone! =D I'm currently using Neutrogena wipes, but I don't like it because I have to rub hard in order to get all the stuff off. I'm going to try the pond's cream, it sounds like it won't irritate my skin.
  2. Hi, my acne was moderately severe when I started using Differin. It did what it was supposed to do: it cleared my acne... But it left loads of red marks and scars In order to avoid more scarring (while controlling my acne), I've decided to try Dan's regimen (I regret not trying his first). I was wondering if I could use cosmetics while trying his regimen? I know it's recommended that I shouldn't, but my marks are keeping me from going out without makeup. I've been using Almay foundation? It'
  3. Okay, thanks a lot! I'll wait it out. When it reaches october 13-14, it will officially be two months since i've started the regimen. Hopefully there's improvement.
  4. Thanks for the info! Yeah, i'll try to stay positive. I have moderately-severe acne, so hopefully it goes away soon. I've been using cosmetics to help with the redness and it doesn't seem to cause any new breakouts. Do you think it's still safe to use? If it slows down the scar healing process, I'll try to stay away from it. I do know that it doesn't make my acne worse, and the cosmetic line was made especially for acne.
  5. I've been on differin for almost two months, and most of my acne has gone away leaving behind ugly scars and red marks (i have light asian skin, so it's very noticeable). I'm thankful that i've seen improvement, but I was just wondering how long does it take for the scars to fill in, and the red marks to fade away? Thanks
  6. thanks a lot for the tips! i'll try the ice pack, hopefully the redness goes down. i've always wondered why my skin would turn dark (not red) is that hyperpigmentation? or something like that, or is it just dry skin. i'm still hoping my acne goes away soon. time to go vent with instruments lol
  7. that's good to hear. how long does it take for dark spots to disappear? especially from the bigger pimples
  8. *Whew was pretty worried that my acne was getting worse. Thank you everyone! Hopefully the differin works
  9. Oh and i'm only using the differin once a day, at night. I hate how long it takes! Some of my acne went away, leaving behind ugly red marks, BUT smooth skin. I'm just hoping that the 3-4 huge pimples go away soon! Gah.
  10. Oh no *cries* I'm using differin right now it's the third week. Do you think i'm still at the purging stage? My cheeks have gotten smoother, and the some of the acne has gone away. But the red marks left behind (70% of what you see) Is driving me crazy. I used to have pretty good skin! Sucks. I'm not sure if I have cystic acne. Do you think I do? Thanks again.
  11. Yeah, I have fair skin so the redness shows A LOT. My skin's pretty sensitive too... I guess i'll just stick w/Differin for now. The excessive peeling is driving me crazy! I'm using a pea-sized amount. I hope that's good enough. Oh, and my BP wash is called Desquam-X
  12. Here's my cheeks: There's a lot of red spots, but the "red" acne isn't that big... The ones that worry me are the ones that seem to pop out. How do you know if you have cystic acne? The ones that pop out are way bigger than they appear, they're pretty huge! But it's mostly drying up, and it isn't red. Help, what kind of acne do I have. Thanks.
  13. One more question lol, I've been using a BP wash and differin (both prescribed by my doctor) for the past few weeks and I was wondering which has the more drying affect? I was thinking of stopping the BP wash and continue with differin. Will it still be as affective? Thanks
  14. Thanks for the info ^^ Ahhh, my doctor told me to use the wash and the differin at the same time T~T I guess it's because my skin is pretty sensitive. I remember using clearasil and it irritated my skin so bad >.< I just hope at least the flaking would go away since school starts next week >=O ahhhhh XD Thanks though, yeah... Maybe i'll try using differin by itself for a few weeks =O
  15. Hmmmm i've been using a BP wash twice a day, with differin at night (This was prescribed by my doctor btw) It's been two and a half weeks and I've noticed my skin got flatter, some big pimples went away leaving ugly spots hahah XD Anyways, I guess it's better than no progress at all... But my face would become REALLY dry, and my huge acne would literally scab up. So my mom bought me a face sponge called Buf Puf, it was really gentle, and took out 80% of my dry skin after one use, and when I felt