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  1. Yeah we can go though breakout together I just started tazorac and SA regimen last week. I also, use cinda-derm during the day too though.
  2. I got tazorac cream and gel and was wondering which one works better? Also, I was wondering what I should use with it and how long until improvements? Do you think a SA face and klaron would work with the taz? thanks
  3. I was wondering if anyone ever heard of accutane tabs not the gel. I was wondering this because a websites sell accutane cheap ands its a tab not softgel capsule. Here's the link check it out. www.anycities.com/user1/laukee/
  4. Someone with a credit card willing to help me out please PM or e-mail me at:[email protected] Thanks.
  5. Hey I was wondering if anyone takes or have taken accutane without a prescription and if so could you e-mail me I have some questions for you. Thanks
  6. Hey guys I was thinking about ordering accutane from Masters Marketing and was wondering if they are safe and reliable or straight. Oh yeah I live here in the US. Or any other good sites to get tane. http://www.mastersmarketing.com
  7. I also tryed skintactix's it doesnt work dont waste ur money.
  8. hey kate I was wondering what are you doing regimen wise now with accutane?
  9. Does the serioius skin care acne system work or do they have any good treatments? Thanks. here's the site: www.seriousskincare.com
  10. I already know the derma cleanse system doesn't work and was thinking about trying the Acne Gel which contains tea tree oil and use it instead of BP cause it killing my skin. Anyone else use this?
  11. What do you do regimen wise on accutane? and do you follow any diet or eat normal? oh yeah are you on a 5 or 6 month course too? Thanks man.
  12. Day 2... Skin seems to better.. knock on wood. The redness from my other regimen before accutane seems to have susided. No new pimples.
  13. Day 1.... I took 20 with breaksfast and 40mg with dinner. No change yet.
  14. OK... sup guys my names Ryan and here's some history on me and this acne disease. I started getting these presents in 7th grade and still have acne. I now am 17 and just got sick and tired of it some I when to a derm. I starting going to a derm last sept and tried everything out yes I mean everything such as: 9 different antibiotics, Tazorac, Retin-A Micro, BP,SA,Proactiv,SkinTactix, Sulfur, Derma Cleanse, many pills homopathy and tons of other stuff but I am ready now!!! I KNOW I KNOW ACCUTANE
  15. is it ok to take a multi-vitamin on accutane even if it does have a little bit of vitamin A 3,500 I.U.?
  16. Yeah.... u have to take it with only water... I also just started tetracycline last week and I think I am getting a breakout too. We'll be better tho in a month from what I hear.
  17. Let me first start off by saying that I am not scared of the side effects of accutane or anything? I was thinking about going on it cuz I am tired of having acne. Right now I am on 500mg. 2x day of tetracycline and some topicals that work but I am considering doing accutane and getting it over with> Any suggestions? thanks.
  18. I am on tetracycline too but I am on 500mg. 2x's a day.