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  1. yeah DK's regime seems sucky...i still use a moisturizer though like an over the counter one yes i am and it is very effective, i put on the urine for 30 minutes then wash my face then put my night cream on and moisturize after i wash my face the next day...all of the OTC products are neutrogena advanced system products
  2. this is true, only close minded people don't try this no it's not weird at all, yeah some people say that older pee is better like 1-3 day old pee, but i get fine results with fresh pee that doesnt smell so BAD...and yes i apply with a q-tip because it is a little less messy and i change q-tips throughout so i end up using like 3-4 mine was moderate to severe but i now i am light on a good day and moderate on a bad day...
  3. my acne was moderate severe no just do it before you wash your face for like 15 minutes at the least and then wash it off and it doesn't smell AT ALL promise , but it does smell a little bit when it is on although if you drink a lot of water then it wont stink at all i did a lot of research before i did this, so this isn't a surprise to me but allatoin isnt a common ingredient as well as the fact that all the other vitamins really help you skin and are by no means "irrelevan
  4. yeah w/e, all i know is my face looks fabulous and people still crave pizza when they look at yours
  5. if you don't like it and it didn't work then they have a 60 day money back gauruntee there is a lot of complaining people on the reviews but i have heard good stuff from actual people so im going to try it
  6. yeah i leave it on for 30-60 minutes before i wash my face at night and sometimes in the morning. After a while you get over the socially accepted rules. After the first time you don't really notice it as a dirty thing and if you drink lots of water then the pee barely has a smell but still retains the qualaties but just remember not to drink too much water REALLY? do you rinse it out after you apply it to your face? or do you leave it on? here is a girl on my side, this is exactly h
  7. how can we get rid of little white heads or flesh colored ones, thats the only ones i have... THANKS
  8. put your own urine on your face. look it up on treatment reviews. IT IS AMAZING!!! I have moderate acne and i put it on once a day at night before i wash my face for about 30 min.s and I have went from large nodules and big gross zits to little tiny white heads and that is only in a few days...i still wash my face and apply a night cream (and of course moisturizer) just to maintain the oil on my face. I use neutrogena advanced acne solution...its not the solution to acne haha but i still love th
  9. yeah it has been working amazing for removing acne and moisturizing, I LOVE MY PEE haha
  10. I can't imagine my Grandma making all sorts of gymnastic tricks to pee on her face. Thats just wrong @[email protected]

  11. why do you want really white makeup
  12. st. johns wort works good my dad takes it like omega-3 fish oil?
  13. your avi makes me cringe

  14. Yeah I would be skeptical of urinating on my face as well lol. What frightens me the most though is the person that thought of the idea. Who said "I've tried everything else, why don't I try unrinating all over my face and seeing if that works?" lol What frightens me even more than that though is that people after his started doing it!