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  1. Just avoid taking supplements with vitamin A, it can be toxic.
  2. I'd travel 180 kms, to meet "the girl" and tell her how much I love her, kiss her and hold her forever... Probably when I'm clear it will be too late, but I just can't stand when she look at me with those beautiful eyes and see my face full of acne. Well, life hurts.
  3. Day 6 Everything is pretty much the same. Whiteheads come and go like they used to, lips are a little drier than the usual, but it might be because of the weather (it's very cold and there's alot of wind here). So, till now accutane didn't made any effect at all.
  4. Hello, since I am 13 years old I have acne. I’m a 18 years old male, and I want to end this. It has been hard, I’ve spent a lot of money, I’ve tried countless antibiotics, BP, differin, retin – A and so on… Nothing really worked; I just lost time and money using them. So, I heard about accutane, some people say wonderful things about this drug, other say awful things. I went to my derm and he prescribed me accutane. At first I was happy, but then I started to read the side effect and b
  5. I read almost every post and info about accutane, I know it might have many side effects, anyways I'm willing to role the dice to get rid of this damn acne. I'm going to start taking tane this monday, but before that I'd like to see this questions answered. 1st - Should I shave while on accutane or stop shaving? What shave foam and after shave should I use? Should I shave just with water and not use after shave and shave foam? 2nd - I know that I must take accutane after eating a high fat food
  6. Yes, you have to do blood tests every month to see if everything is alright and before taking the drug you must do a blood test too.
  7. Dumb people ask dumb questions, so I give dumb replies. You should do the same! "Don't you wash your face?" - Nah, I don't have water at home and today isn't raining. "Don't you use after shave?" - You should become a dermatologist, you are fully aware of the origins of acne! "You shouldn't eat so much chocolate" - Why? Am I fat? "Because of your acne" - I didn't know that the side effect of chocolate was acne, thanks for letting me know!
  8. What about side effects, are you experiencing any? I wish you the best of luck with your treatment! Keep updating, I'll keep reading. Cheers
  9. Hello guys and girls, I'm going to start accutane course tomorrow, 30mg/day. I do bodybuilding and I take two supplements, one is whey protein and the other one is a gainer, to gain mass. I'm very concerned about this last one, I don't know if I should keep taking it or not. As for the whey protein, I spoke with my derm and he told me that I could keep taking it. But I'm concerned about the gainer because it has Vitamin A, I take one dose of the gainer per day and that dose contains 5000IU of