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  1. I have severely overactive oil glands, and as you can imagine my face was COVERED with zits. I could wash my face and an hour later I swear it looked like I just slathered some Baby Oil on! I never had cystic acne, or 'pustules.' Just zits! Covering my whole face!!! And neck/chest. I was on Sulfamethoxazole for approximately two and a half years, I can't say it did nothing, but it certainly did not help much. However, everyone reacts differently to medication, so what didn't work for me could do
  2. My skin is about five times worse than yours. Trust me, you're stressing over nothing. Stop using acne products for your skin, you barely have any acne. Just use a gentle face cleanser, morning and night. And if you exercise, a little wash should be good. Winter is here, so I'm assuming your face might be getting red and chapped from that. So an oil-free moisturizer would be good after cleansing the face in the morning. Also, if you're interested in the whole make-up ordeal then use OIL-FREE mak
  3. Yes, I'm taking Sulformethaxzole (sp.) I've been taking it since I was twelve. I go to my Derma every two months and he doesn't mention anything too important to me, really. It's not like I can switch though, I'm fourteen, I have to go wherever my parents tell me to go.
  4. Don't dare try Accutane, your skin is not even nearly as bad as the acne needs to be put on Accutane. I have the same kind of acne as you do, seriously. Looks the same, same places, and all. I do know that if you try Revlon Color Last for Oily/Combination skin, your skin is pretty much 80% clear, and with some BareMinerals on top, VOILA. I really don't know about the face thing, I'm trying to figure it out myself, I've already been on Tazorac, Retin-A Micro, BenzaClin, and other things I can't
  5. Well... this is my journey. I hope you all decide to read this and respond. I'm actually pretty upset about this all. I'm fourteen years old, almost fifteen. I started to get mild acne when I was ten and a half. When I was about 12 1/2 I was sent to the Dermatologist. Over the course of about what? Give or take two years, I have been put on many lotions, potions, pills and whatever else. Until this year I was put on Retin A Micro, Tazorac, Benzaclin, and now Differin. I have very sensitive ski
  6. I started Tazorac on August 25th, and am still on it. In the first two weeks, it made my face the same. I have very oily skin, like, you can 'wipe it,' with your finger and get a nice slick finger! Anyways, you should only be using this at night, and when I woke up, I wasn't dry it would just mainly clump up. I'm almost near a month on this product and it's starting to actually show me results that I like. Hopefully next month I'll be clear. Tazorac also makes acne scars stick out a lot more, I
  7. I was on Retin-A Micro in June, and while it cleared my face up a tad, I still had a horrible oil slick on my face. But if it's already been seven months and you're STILL waiting for your results once again, then it may be time to switch to something different. I'm on Tazorac, and while others say it dries there face out, it makes mine look a whole lot better! I'm sure I'd have some nice skin if I went on Accutane too. (That's how oily my face is! ) But, you should definitely switch, and if you
  8. So my face looks like I have a jillion acne break outs everywhere. But I know my face, this is not acne. It's itchy, VERY itchy, and it seems to be spreading, I even tried to pop one, nothing even came out! Maybe it's poison? I don't know. But I've been using Tazorac and other topicals on it, and I hope it's not making it worse! It's been like this ever since the end of June, when I started Retin-A Micro. Can anyone help me? It's really embarrasing.
  9. Well I thought it was working on me. Until yesterday, my Dermatologist switched me to Tazorac, mainly because my face was still very oily and he thought Retin-A Micro wasn't working fast enough. And the only thing I basically have on my face is whiteheads, not cystic pimples and all the other things. But Retin-A Micro may take to you, just wait it out a few months, or until your next appointment!
  10. Will I have an IB with Tazorac? I just got off of Retin-A Micro (it's been eight weeks.) And I did get the Initial Breakout with Retin-A Micro. So, I don't know if anyone understands me, but, if my pores were already 'flushed' with this Retin-A Micro, then surely they won't just 'flush' again with Tazorac, right? The reason my dermatologist put me on Tazorac is because I have a VERYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY oily face and Retin-A Micro didn't help with that, just stopped the acne. Like, af
  11. Well, I just wanted to say that today my dermatologist stopped me from using Retin-A Micro. He just said that it's not working fast enough, and my face is still very oily. I don't have normal oily skin either, I have the type that becomes greasy looking within two hours of just sitting in a cool place. So he started me on Tazorac, I'm REALLY hoping I don't have an Initial Breakout (IB) with this product. I start highschool in two days, and I don't want to have a tomato face. I've tried Benzaclin
  12. I'm with you, Nick. Eat healthy, but also enjoy other things you like as well. Because if you stress over something you want to eat like a Cheeseburger from McDonalds, you'll probably get a pimple if you're stressed about it. But thankfully, I don't breakout when I eat greasy foods or chocolate, my face is just naturally messed up.
  13. In about two days it will be the seventh week mark for me using Retin-A Micro. When I first when into using this, my face wasn't even THIS bad! I'm 100% positive that I've already had my Initial Breakout maybe a few weeks ago. But my question is, I only really have a few whiteheads left, but I have so many little red scars left, that I never had before. Is this normal? Will it go away? Will the redness fade? HELP ME! I'm starting to get worried.
  14. Well when I had got poison on my arm, it took forever to heal up because I was on this medication. But I also, itched it A LOT! Have you tried putting Cortisone or Aloe Vera on it? I have and within a month it was gone. And mine was scratched open, raw.
  15. Hi, lets start off by saying I'm fourteen years old. I have very oily skin. And I've had acne since I was eleven. Ever since then I've had no self confidence at all. In three days it will be the 7th week mark for using Retin-A Micro. I'm not going to lie here, but I have no deep cyst pimples or whatever they are called. All mine are whiteheads. Well here's the fun part, ....I know you're suppose to have the Initial Breakout, I've had that ever since week two. My forehead has cleared up to three