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  1. I was on yasmin, and I did gain weight roughly around 7 pounds. I am possibly going to be starting my second course (accutane) and am debating on taking Yaz or Ortho tri cyclen. My dermo wants me to do each one for about 3 months and see which I like better, on yasmin in the begining my skin was bad (also probably the infamous accutane IB) but I also had really bad cramps while on it. Previous to yasmin I was on allesse also and when first starting on it I gained weight. Hopefully Yaz or OTC
  2. I was on yasmin but noticed that I always felt really bloated, I was thinking of switching to Yaz, Triquilar or Ortho Tricyclen. Just wondering what other girls out there are on and what works for you? Thanks!
  3. Hello! Wow crazy busy! I have been working out of town for the past 2 months I really haven't gotten a chance to be around a computer. ha ha my laptop is currently in the possesion of my sister. Deadmau 5: Im glad my log made your day! ha ha kimberly_ann: Hey Umm I was off accutane for a month when I was sitting at 6 months of a course and then when I went back to see my dermo after being off it for a month she wanted to give me an extra 3 months to make it a full 9 month course (which she to
  4. Okay so I went to see my dermotologist and she thinks that I could probably do another course of accutane, I have been off it for roughly 3 months. I have gotten about 10 pimples in this time and they aren't big an usually only hang around for 5 days but it seems like they keep popping up, when I went for my appointment I was having a good day and only had 2 small ones on my chin but she said as soon as I start my cycle for my period I am going to start 2 months of 40mg's and she said we would g
  5. So here's the delio. I havent been taking the accutane and my skin is being okay. But I do have an appt. on the 16th of this month and I am going to let her know that I started breaking out again and see what she thinks I should do. I will keep you people update on what is going on... frustration... thanks for the encouragment. I just really hope that in the long run this works out for me. Steph I did look at your log, it is ridiculously long! lol remember you said you weren't even going to p
  6. So the two pimples on my nose are no longer there but my nose is really itchy and if I touch the side it's a little sore as if someone snapped an elastic band on it. The ones on my forehead have gone, there is one tiny white head on my hair line. And TMJ I really wish you would have gave me that advice yesterday because I got so frustrated I popped the one under my lip... ughhhh I know, but I did it in the shower and then washed my face with my spectro gel so that the bacteria wouldnt go all o
  7. Hey pinkunicorns! I was just reading over your blog. I finished my 1st course of accutane about a month ago and my skin was clear up until this morning, I got 2 pimples on my nose and one under my lip, the one on my lip turned into a pretty big white head... ew... lol anyways I was just wondering at what point did you decide that you needed to do a second course. I also wanted to say good luck on your second course and I really hope you get better soon!
  8. My dermo told me that one thing that helps is doing a scrub once every week or every two weeks slowly sloughs off the skin and in time will make scars seem less noticeable. (oh and it has to be a gentle one, I use the apricot scrub from Wal Mart)
  9. So glad your not getting spots anymore!
  10. I'm sad, I woke up with 2 pimples on my nose and one under my lip. The 2 on my nose are pin sized and not really a bother but the one under my lip is really red with a white head... My dermo is on vacation for the next 3 weeks... Oi.