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  1. Have you tried supplementing? Zinc and MSM sulfur are really good for the hair skin and nails.
  2. Here is an example of fake muscle vs functional. When you bend down to pick up something heavy you don't just use your biceps. You use your back, biceps, stomach, butt, legs all together as one. Like you said, bodybuilders isolate specific muscles, mainly the ones that can be seen by everyone else, so they never really have inter-musculer coordination. They don't ever use their body as a whole functioning unit. They are a collection of body parts. However there are some exceptions like ronnie c
  3. You will get somewhat stronger but the gains are not significant. That is the type of muscle that bodybuilders will put on. It is called Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Bloated muscles without added strength. I know this because I too started out doing the bodybuilding thing but quit because I found out it was just bloated muscle. I am so much stronger now than I was 30lbs heavier. And there is such thing as fake muscle. Do you ever see bodybuilders that can move around like an athlete? No... they usu
  4. I am sorry to hear about your ongoing health issues. The #1 killer here in the United States is not heart attacks or strokes or cancer. It is doctors misdiagnosis. It is sad but true. You have to realize that doctors PRACTICE medicine. They are told by the pharmaceutical companies of these drugs and their uses. They are prescribed to the public even though they contain major side effects which lead to more drugs and you becoming dependent on them for the rest of your life. You can't improve on n
  5. No. Carbs are the huge factor in building muscle in the first place. Any serious athlete/bodybuilder knows this and for many bodybuilders 500-1000 grams/day of carbs are required. Veggies ain't going to do anything either so ditch those. Complex carbs are important but are you seriously telling him to ditch the veggies? You have to eat big to get big and veggies should very much be included in your diet. 5-6 meals a day will suffice, however I always advise against muscle hypertrophy. I
  6. lol. I am saying that I would suggest you buy non-organic produce because it is easier to clear your body of toxins than it is to clear it of parasites from organic produce. You could take liquid chlorophyll which can bond onto the toxins and flush them out.
  7. I will always try to eat my fruit as fresh as possible. I believe an hour after a fruit has been picked it loses half of its enzyme content. Another hour after that, 90-95% of the enzymes that were originally in the fruit are gone.
  8. This is a pick your poison type deal because either you eat organic and possibly ingest parasites due to the fact there are no pesticides to control bugs from laying their eggs all over the produce or you eat non-organic and ingest the toxins that comes from the pesticides which are very estrogenic. Hmm.. which too choose? Well, i'll just say this: It is a lot easier to detoxify the toxin build up in your body than it is to rid yourself of parasites.
  9. People need to understand that when you take these strong oral antibiotics, you don't just kill the bad bacteria. You kill the good bacteria as well. Your body will become more and more resistant to the antibiotics making your body more susceptible to disease as well as weakening its defenses to fight off infection/disease.
  10. I am not sure what happens to the fruit in the process of drying them so I can't say really. If you can, I would stick with fresh fruits.
  11. Nuts and seeds are great for the skin. They contain essential fats that help keep the skin supple and more importantly your brain functioning properly. Raw nuts are probably your best choice. Fruit throughout the day are great snacks; they contain fiber which can help keep your blood sugar steady during the day. Natural occurring sugar is not bad.
  12. I have yet to find a gum that doesn't have soy or artificial sweetener in them. Both, are not good for people to consume.
  13. My training in the gym is my stress reliever. Sledgehammer training is one of my favorites. Not much stress left in you after you've pounded a tire for 10 minutes with a sledgehammer.
  14. Oh yes it adds a nice flavor if it is indeed extra virgin olive oil. So you get the benefit of having your veggies and your good fats because don't forget our brains are, what, 90% cholesterol? Without fats your brain cant function properly.
  15. lol, is that right?

    well thanks =)

    I've been lurking on here a while but only today was I able to share a success story.