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  1. I really recommend you try your best to slowly add the regime into your morning routine. Its going to be tough at first and you might miss a few days of doing it here and there but its worth it. Set a goal to do the entire regime in 10-15 minutes, with practice and knowing the amounts of bp/moisture to use youll master it. what i do when im in a rush, is just wash face quickly ( after shower or not) > add 2 drops of jojoba and then about a quarter or a half of a finger of bp. Itll take abou
  2. Ive somewhat reversed steps 2 and 3 for almost a year now and ive seen the same resuls if not a bit better than i had before. Biggest difference would probably be i have less dryness in the morning. I say somewhat because i only really do it in the morning, what i do is shower>wash face> add 2-4 drops of jojoba oil> wait about 5 minutes then add the bp which would be about 3/4 of a full finger as Dan would measure it. And no moisturizer after it as my face gets extremely oily and im
  3. Eucerin Skin Renewal, its one of the moisturizers featured in acne.org main page. For the first few weeks it made my face a bit red and it stung a little but now i do get nay of that. It works wonders
  4. 110% agree with you, and you wanna know why. cause im livin proof as is alot of ppl on these boards. Alot of us used tons of BP without takin inthe consideration of the real effects of tBp which is dryin the hell outta your skin. It did for me. For the last 2 weeks ive been on a moisutrizer regime. Just soap and water for cleanin and Eucerin skin renewal moisturizer 3 times a day. I can already see major improvments. Once my TCA peel is done imma continue with the moisurizer regime. I havent g
  5. Hey. I just finished my TCA peel about 20-25 minuets ago. I have some Neosporin on now and my skin is really red. I have a few questions. Well i did everything the instructions said. I applied all over to my face evenly, but after i neutralized the TCA and washed it off only certain parts of my face were frosted. Like m forhead was reaaaaaaly frosted and my temples werent at all. Same with the cheeks. the rest of my face had a lite frost on it. So i was wondering if i did anything wrong?
  6. One more question girl. When i read the instructions it said to use Petroeum Jelly or Neosporin, Am i supposed to use these? Or is that meant for a stronger peel. Because those instructions i got weere for peels 12.5% to 50%. so i wasnt sure can you tell me if you use Jelly or neosporin or if you use Anti-biotics? I have a good moisturizer so i was guessin right after i wash off the TCA i just put on a massive amount of moisuterizer and wait til mornin to wash off? wats ur thoughts. And what
  7. MyTCA peel came a few days ago and i was plannin on doing it today but i lost my instructions that came with it. I just wanna know for a person with normal to dry skin how long and how many layers should i have the TCA on. Also the peel came with anti-biotics and anti-itching creams. When and how much am i suuposed to use these? Also after i wash off the peel wth cold water do i moisturize right after or do I use one of those creams the peel came with? And last but not least what do i do fo
  8. I started the Regime today and since i used Proactic before i was used to the BP...that didnt bother me...the thing is that when i put on the moisturizer it didint hurt or anything it just makes my face really red and bad looking...then 30 minutes later i washed my face with the Basis soap...is it ok ifi do this... So after 30 minutes or so ill wash my face again..i did it and my face looks fine, but i was wondering if it would effect the Bp at all?
  9. Hey everyone...my acne isnt too too bad but it still is uncomfotable...i might get about 2-4 pimples a week.... i wanted to ask if Dan's Regime would do good for my skin in this situation or is too much...do you think its overkill or just fine?
  10. goto www.rodanandfields.com then click on the "calm" link... it seems like a very good skin care product that is less harsh then proactiv but it says it can do more for acne...ill try it out
  11. I was wondering if anyone is using the rodanandfield Calm product with the regime....i was wondering if the wash and the toner would go good with the bp gel and a moisturizer.. or should i just go for the regular Dan regime..