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  1. Yeah i use the Simple Light Hydrating Moisturiser as well. Adam
  2. Yes im sure someone did this a while back by way of an experiment. I can't remember how it ended up. Try searching the forums for it unfortunatly i can't recall who posted the thread. Adam
  3. Acne war veteran LOL. I know the feeling pal. Maybe we will get medals and stuff. Adam
  4. But my point was that they expected their say to make a difference, they expected to have their say. At what point in the near future does that mentality change to one that is likely to accept a political aristocracy unquestionably? Why do you think so many countries have offered referenda to their citizens on the subject of Europe (whether it be the currency or the future constitution). Because they realise that if a Europe now or in the future is to work as planned then they have to take th
  5. There was one once in the lounge of Dan with his top off.....frankly im getting a little excited just thinking about it. Adam
  6. In your previous post you asked "Why does it matter if they are elected or not?". My response to that was that it’s what people expect. Now I don't believe that democracy is necessarily the holy grail it is made out to be by any stretch of the imagination. What good is a so called democracy when only 30% of the population bother to vote ? What good is a democracy when people hate both major parties equally ? etc etc But none of that means that if you took it away they wouldn't kick up a f
  7. Because people expect democracy frankly whether you happen to like it or not. People need to feel in touch with the powers that be, they need to be able to know they can change things if needed. In short its what people have come to expect (witness the clamour for devolution in the UK) and if people are to want to get further into Europe then its what needs to happen to convince them to do so. You see you don't even have to call it democracy or talk about what is or isn't the natural order of th
  8. I don't know about the toothpaste thing, i doubt it is the reason though. I know what you mean about zits around the lips area, i hate getting them there. What type of treatment are you currently using ? If you aren't doing so already i would reccomend getting some BP cream on those areas and see if that can do the job. Adam
  9. The sceptic tank/yank thing is cockney rhyming slang which is how it ended up becoming Australian ryhming slang. Adam
  10. I remember there were a few topics about applying honey to spots to dry them out a few months back. Was like one of those ance.org crazes we have from time to time. Adam
  11. Concealer or something applied to reduce red appearance ? Adam
  12. Anytime i have grown my beard i have found that my skin copes remarkably well considering im unable to apply BP to that area. I don't get many spots around my chin area but im wondering now if the ones i do get are caused by irritation from shaving. However i did find that if i don't shave then i can get some acne round the jawline for the first few days, after that its all fine. Its a trade off sometimes between the iritation caused by shaving or not being able to apply BP or mositurise whe
  13. If you really believed that you probably wouldn't have felt the need to start a thread about it. Adam