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  1. Several people who say accutane has ruined their bodies, minds, and lives: http://forums.wrongdiagnosis.com/showthread.php?t=32021 ------- "I'm 32 years old. I've had Acne since I was 13. Although the acne is not cystic anymore, I still suffer.....and I've been on Accutane TWICE. I only suffered a heart attack and a few minor set backs, just to have to live with it for the rest of my life anyway. I had my heart attack at 23 years old. My lipid levels and cholesterol have never returned to no
  2. Try washing your face with a common microfiber cloth and some water to reduce oiliness and exfoliate dry skin. Worked for me. I tried proactiv when I was a teenager and it did nothing.
  3. He admits he's selling a product, but he also registered another account pretending to be someone with acne to have a conversation with himself.
  4. Wow this thread is obviously just an advertisement. 'nowacnefree' joined on the 8th and this is the first post he or she has made. 'decadeofacne' joined just today and this is their first post. If I were a moderator I would delete this thread immediately and ban both of these accounts.
  5. Hi dmh, The results were gradual and on all levels. Emotional healing was also a part of the process for me, everything is tied together: spirit, mind and body. The facial acne disappeared over a year ago and the bacne has just finally cleared up several months ago. Haven't had any cysts for almost a year on my back. Cutting out dairy was really hard for me too. I LOVE pizza. But it's worth it to find out if it's a factor in your acne. Definitely try the microfiber cloths. They are amazing!
  6. ummm...how does yogurt change the temperature of the liver? Just wondering (not that the points you made are bad, they're really good) I would actually recommend avoiding all dairy products just to see if it is exacerbating the problem.
  7. whysoserious is absolutely correct. Oral antibiotics are bad news for your body. It is the way western medicine commonly treats disease: attack the symptom rather than getting at the root of the problem.
  8. Have you tried cutting out dairy products? Also I would not suggest growing a beard to conceal acne. I tried that when I was a teenager (I could grow a beard by time I was 16), I grew a goatee, and it made the acne worse on my chin. It's harder to exfoliate your skin when you have a beard which makes things worse.
  9. Jiloz, I was offered/recommended accutane by a dermatologist when I was in my teens. I took the pamphlet home, read it, did some research online, and decided... NO THANKS. I did not use accutane, and a few years later my acne is gone. I chose the natural way, I guess you could say. Check out my other post in this forum "i no longer have acne". Do you eat dairy products? I would try cutting out dairy and see what happens.
  10. Hello everyone, I used to have moderate to severe acne on my face (boils and carbuncles on the chin and nose, sometimes on the cheek, along with regular pimples wherever). I had my first boil when I was in grade 7 right on my nose. After that it started getting worse, and it came and went in severity throughout the years. When I was about 19 I started getting severe bacne. Large cystic acne that never came to the surface and left some mean looking scars (which are healing up now, after several
  11. hi everyone, a while ago i was considering trying out some of those microdermabrasion cloths on ebay but before i clicked 'buy it now' i did some searching around and i found this page: www.microfiberacnecure.com/microdermabrasion_ebay.html the person claims that all the microdermabrasion cloths on ebay are just regular microfiber cloths like you can buy at a store (they are for cars or something). so i did some more searching around and found places online that sell cloths that look the EXA