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  1. Hi, I've recently joined a gym that has a steam room, I'm not really that bothered tbh about my spots no more as I've discovered how decent just standard UK salvon and sudocream is over night most nights without touching, although my blackheads with the weather in the UK is getting quite lame. I'm wanting to know: !! - how to get the best benefit from steam room and afterwards also. Currently I would, have a quick 1/2 min wash down - pat myself dry, go into the steam room for 5-10 minutes, th
  2. I'm heavy into fitness and only found this out through it, get peanut butter MADE with BRAZIL NUTS, these are very good for acne in right amounts, as eating 2-5 of these daily will help also due to the zinc etc in the nuts and they will help you lose weight also as they'r good fats and promote fat loss.
  3. Hi, as you may know if you live in UK, they'r is going to be some very nice weather upon the next few days, 25c maybe! so I want to get a good sunscreen today that isn't v.high SF or whatever its called, as its hard for me to tan. Anyone got any suggestions on which is good? - I noticed also its bloody expensive lol
  4. Hi, i've just finished my moistuizer from 3 advantage clean and clear kit, which was amazing but doesn't seem to sell individually. Anyone tell me what a good moistuzer is, heard this joboba oil is good? - not greasy - not shiny - helps with flakey skin Thanks! (UK PURCHASE ONLY)
  5. Hi i bought this part of 3 cleanser moistuzer and spot gel. i want to get hold of them oistuizer on its own again as its amazing tbh anyone know if u can buy individual of it?
  6. Just used it all bare last part after the gym, just cant get over how smooth and soft my skin is after using this.
  7. CLEAN & CLEAR ADVANTAGE KIT REGIMEN - 3 products Hi there, Notice upon opening how small the moisturizer is and spot gel. The Cleanser is a decent size. I will be detailing how my regimen goes till Sunday and if I never come online again, you know what product to get but if not I might continue it. Day 1 Applied cleanser, this seemed OK - no redness etc, the regular flaky skin which you get with all good cleansers. Applied moisturizer, this seems very good, just felt my skin went
  8. Think i'm gonna order it off internet tonight should get it by wed/tues then
  9. Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Kit (UK) Hi, I'm tempted to use this kit, as my skins is hard hitting my life atm, Anyone used this and comment on its performance on the 3 products? Thanks, Regards Nick
  10. I dont think so but im a uni student n these producst cost, i aint barely ever bought a skin product n being like wow, good buy gonna get another one :S
  11. Hi, basically few years ago I used a SUNBED n my skin since is very flakey. Now i wake up every day with flakey bits on face, espically in eyebows, all products i try either give me extremely bad acne or v.greasy skin. I dont wanna use BP atm cus it just makes it worse n i have no product to get rid of it, any ideas on products / HELP! Just got this from doctors 2 weeks ago but makes my face very greasy (Dermatological Cetraben Emollient Cream)
  12. Hi, did u use them exact products? above also? - how did the regimen go for you?
  13. im gonna start using on monday; Clearasil Ultra Deep Pore Treatment Scrub - has that SA in it Panoxyl Wash 10% Any sugguestions on a moisturizer? , my skin often gets little flakey parts around eyebrows and T Nose section, which is the main issue rly. Thanks - my skin seems to reaction to most moisturizers giving me spots :S?
  14. Hi thanks for response finally!, RetinA is a sort of Accutane?? and are doctors slightly to give u it? cus when i mentioned Accutane her face was like WTF? n said its ONLY for very serve hosopital cases or some stuff..
  15. Hi, i'm looking to purchase - Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser and The Blackhead Scrub with S Acid or something. - I've always been disappointed with any C&C product i used, but this was at least 4 years ago so maybe it'll change my mind I've looked through google and cant seem to find a UK shop which sells these specifc products, thanks! for any help given