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  1. You've been banned. Naughty Naughty!

  2. Ya its sad that im bitchin about a new car, its always a lease vehicle that i have to give up every two years and for certain reasons the car actually benefits other entities for tax purposes. Seriously i would have rather gotten socks.

  3. I'll cherish the jokingly fun conversations we had

  4. yes I agree with makeup forever. its wacky expensive but it covers everything and i mean everything! the hd foundations and concealers that they have also keep me matte. i dont even apply powder anymore
  5. I found this very interesting. thanks for sharing it!
  6. sixth grade i started with blackheads on my nose but it wasnt bad at all. in 8th grade my face had large spots made 10 times worse by picking.
  7. I am really glad you ladies can go without makeup and feel proud! I however sadly dont have that sort of strength! the most I can get away with is having just concealer on. mad props to you!
  8. i have taken it without birth control for several months. it basically did nothing for me. i may as well have taken a sugar pill. It was disappointing bc i have heard so many great things about it. so maybe it was just me. the only side effect was very light spotting for a day or two on my first month. thats it, good luck!
  9. i am pleased with results i am getting from aha. I used to be on dans reg years ago, then bha earlier this year, and now this. I use 5% tho and i still get some breakouts but not bad. I was thinking about going to a 10% aha after my 5% runs out but I am scared bc the 5% is already making my skin a little red. grrr descisons!