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  1. Use bare minerals, its the only makeup i can sleep in without getting breakouts. use thee concealor brush to spot treat

  2. It isn't stupid. I go through the same thing everyday. I have to struggle to get out of bed and go to class, or even to see my boyfriend. I guess that the only way I ever leave my room is by telling myself that I have to and hoping that people wont care. I hope you are able to look for a new job. I would hire you!
  3. So I was just brushing my teeth and noticed that the back of my tongue is covered in pretty big lumps. i read on google that bumps can sometimes be caused by antibiotics and i was wondering if anyone else had experienced this and if it went away.
  4. so it is me again.... i wish that i had good news: that i told my boyfriend or at least my therapist but i haven't done either. i did go to the dermatologist which is a pretty big deal because i rarely leave the house. my socail anxiety is at an all time high which is just fantastic seeing as i go to school in exactly one week. to make things even better i just started taking antibiotics and retine A yesterday. my face already looks like a slimy peeling mess. i will probably get the IB the day t
  5. out of curiousity, why are you stopping?
  6. I know exactly how you feel. I am in the same situation. I am starting antibiotics today and then i go to school in a week (when my acne will be the worst). this fucking sucks. I don't know what to tell you about being social becasue I have developed severe socail anxiety and often can't even leave my house. I guess my advice would be to go out and have fun so you don't end up like me.
  7. So today I finally worked up the courage to go to the derm (I have horrible anxiety so it was a pretty big deal). I have had acne every day for about 5 years now. I suppose it is moderate....on my chin and cheeks, but i am splotchy, red, and look like a freak. but the point of the story is that i was prescribed antibiotics. I was really happy about it till I got home and read this thread....everyone seems to hate antibiotics. not to mention that i start college in a week and i don't want to go l
  8. if she had acne would you care? if there is a real connection then she probably feels the same way as you.
  9. you are all fantastic... all of the posts put a smile on my face especially the penis size and nookie ones. i have decided that i will eventually have to let people see me with no makeup. i mean, there will probably be a fire drill at 3 in the morning and i will have to run outside with BP all over my face (this is my worst nightmare) but i am still having trouble picturing me telling my bf. i kinda feel like i have been hiding it for so long that it is too late....kinda like when you borrow a
  10. don't let anyone tell you that you are weak for cutting....you are strong because you are trying to stop and that is the important thing. i am still trying to stop my own SI. i gathered up all my razors and blades and put them in a sealed envelope. on the outside of the envelope i wrote the words of my favorite poem...a poem about hope. now when i want to cut i have to open that envelope and see those words. it gives me time to stop and think. if that doesn't work, i think about the scars that
  11. thanks. it is always nice to hear that other people have gone through the same thing. but i am still terrified. the worst part is that he is the kindest and least judgemental person i have ever known. i just don't want to let him down. i tell him everything, but this is my one secret. i don't even tell my therapist about how horrible and depressed my skin makes me feel because i can't stand the idea of her lying to me to make me feel better. i am so ashamed. i agree with everything that all of
  12. I need help. I'm not sure what advice you could give me, but anything would help... so i am going to college in a couple weeks. i am actaully kinda excited except for my acne. i will be sharing a bathroom which means that people will see me without makeup. other than my family no one has seen my skin in about 5 years. and here is the worst part: i am going to college with my boyfriend. we have been going out for over a year and he has never seen me without makeup. he has been talking about how