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  1. You weren't supposed to take away your own comment's virginity!

  2. most of the asian boy they all have the same hairstyle..
  3. how about using topical like vitamin c serum or copper peptide,it is effective in filling up the dent?
  4. hmmm i think its a combination of redmarks,few cyst and your face is dry..
  5. hey i saw your picture and your skin look almost perfect..you have a few tiny bumps..but nothing to worry..try to cut off the aspirin mask..
  6. attached some photos...maybe that's a real blackhead..sorry my english sucks..i think you need manula exfoliation or extraction.
  7. stupid..stop scrubbing your face 2x a day and stop applying bp..put a neosporin on it..
  8. well..i think you huge cystic acne..and some scars like rolling scars
  9. where is your acne??are you kidding me??lolz!!!!
  10. I'm afraid of using retin A because of the purging period...sorry im not good in english..
  11. i wish it is available in Philippines ..