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  1. Right? I am in a high profile position and its just getting hard to deal with. At the same time, I already worry about the long term effects from the first course I did.
  2. I still have pretty bad acne, I'm a male and pretty sure it's hormonal. I did a round of accutane and it was fine but I got cold feet on my second run because of the effect it has on the hippocampus. I just can't belive in 2016 that for cysts, that is the only option. Now that I am older the deep scars are coming out. I'm really torn on what to do...
  3. I personally do not think there is a cure for cysts other than accutane. I think cysts in general are hormonal.
  4. I appreciate the response. It sounds like you are really suffering but you didnt really answer the question. I also work out and have suffered for 25 years or more. Despite that I got married, had kids so I have to think about more than myself now. In your 20's you feel immortal. You wont this way when you are 40. By the lack of responses it looks like nobody knows or wants to answer. The pro people ignore the facts and the against people are fear mongers. We should have legitimate discu
  5. Im almost 40 now. I went on a rd to about 40g a day when I was 34 or so and I was clear. I didnt get any sides really and only had an initial breakout of 2 weeks or so. My skin has been bad for years now. My dermo thinks the other doctor should have brought me to 60g per day to close the case. She always tells me to go back on and be done with it. Im concerned with 2 things, the crohns stories and the damage to the hippocampus of the brain. http://www.pnas.org/content/101/14/5111.f
  6. Very interested in this topic. I am turning 40 in a few weeks and my skin has never been worse. I dont get it all over but frequently get cysts, nodules along with a few pimples at a time. I wonder if you somehow wandered on to something here but there is a missing piece of the puzzle. Gluten, Dairy, Sugar all make me break out. I think too much saturated fat also make me break out but Im not sure. Going to add some of the elements here into my diet and see what happens.
  7. Are the reduced cell growth in the hippocampus reversable? What are the effects long term?
  8. Guys, I will be starting Accutane on Monday. Its been years since my first go round. I am trying to come up with a regime that will a) protect my liver (I take excedrin and clonezepam for Headaches) b)Avoid getting sick during the winter when I am always sick (2 kids in daycare) c) Start and maintain a light weights/cardio routine at least 5 days a week d) Lower cholesterol The surprise to me was my bloodwork came back with my cholesterol being around 220/ldl is a little high and Im not even
  9. So the Klaron didn't help you at all?? My derm put me on Klaron and Adoxa and I was completley clear in a wee and I havn't broke out since. It did but I guess it ran its course. Plus Purel is cheaper and easier.
  10. You could always start small, add a moisturizer or something after. The CVS product will actually help repair the skin after the purel.
  11. Im 36 now so I have a looong history with Acne. Huge cystic, nodule acne. A few years ago, I finally went on Accutane which was amazing. Right around a year after, it all came back. It was right around that time I read a thread on this board where people were using the CVS brand antibiotic + pain relief creme. This made sense to me because the only things that ever helped me where bacteria fighters. So I was using Klaron anyway, I started following up with the CVS product. In the morning
  12. Carl, see my post about Neosporin with Klaron. I went through the same thing of accutane and thought I was in for a second course. My post is in the non med forum.
  13. By using it on my current popped pimples I don't have to really worry about old marks. :) Me too, I havent had any new red marks as the result of acne. I also dont get all red faced like I use to with SA and BP.
  14. I finally found a routine that works. After going a round on Accutane, I started to break out heavily again. I use Klaron and BP but to no avail. I was sure I was going on another round of tane. I came across that post months ago about using CVS brand Neosporin. I am 98% clear now and have been since then. My routine is easy. In the morning I dont wash my face. I apply 2% BP all over. at night I wash my face, soap type doesnt make a difference in my case so whatever is there I use it. When I