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  1. I've found that Lancome Teint Idole Freshwear is even better! Seriously, applied with a stippling brush like MAC's 187 or Sigma's SS187 (less expensive version of the MAC one, but still just as high quality), my skin looks AMAZING. The freshwear one is so great for oily skin, but steer clear if you have dry skin! And I also love love love MAC Studio Fix powder foundation, I've never broken out from it either and I love the coverage. Seriously, makeupalley.com is fantastic and I'm sure I've saved
  2. I thought the clarisonic only vibrated...then someone said it could rotate... I'm so confused! I got this from the Clarisonic website "The Clarisonic oscillates 10 degrees in either direction working at 300 movements per second. This movement toggles your pores to remove the dirt and oil manual cleansing can not reach. The oscillation is so fast it looks like a blur or vibration." That's exactly what my brush does. @wicky I don't do anything special to clean the brush head, I just
  3. I think it does a fantastic job at exfoliating! Even though I have oily skin, I used to have dry flakes as well, but those cleared up after about two weeks. My skin was actually a little more flaky for several days just because my skin that never got exfoliated was finally turning over. The bristles are quite durable too! A few bristles on the outer edge of the brush are a little bent right now, but I've had my brush for about 9 months even though you're actually supposed to buy a new one every
  4. My mom bought a Clarisonic about a year and a half ago, and I was insanely jealous of her! She never used it though because her skin has no problems, so she gave it to me . I started using it around the same time I started using Retin-A and Doxycycline, and that combination totally made my skin the clearest it's been since I was a small child (FYI, I'm 18). I started off with the sensitive brush head, and worked my up to the normal brush head. I use the Clarisonic morning and night, and at nigh
  5. I HATE PROACTIV. They are so convincing that I thought that maybe I hadn't used it properly the first time so I tried using it again a year or so after my first try. Still didn't work! OMG and my friend swears by proactiv, but she does not have any acne at all except for the occasional pimple she gets when she doesn't wash her face for a few days. I kid you not, she will feel too lazy and not wash her face, go to bed with her face caked with make up (she cakes on makeup because she's trying to
  6. @RealTalk - LOVEEEEE Eminem! although that song is a little degrading... :/ @colostomus OUCH I'm sorry! That must be very tough, but you have the support of everyone here! I hope things have been picking up the past few days!
  7. May I ask what happened that you needed surgery? Sounds serious! Lol every limb, try being a little more careful! Aww well I hope you know that everyone's pictures are ones that they themselves scrutinize and worried about putting up! Trust me, my picture is half-okay because it was good lighting and that was a good skin day. My skin without makeup is not that nice.. its been clearing but I still have hyperpigmentation left over I would, and so would other, love to see pictures! Although Batman
  8. Hahaha one of the blessings of being Middle eastern! Unfortunately, some of my girl cousins are just as hairy. Lol okay not that hairy, but still! Yeah same for me, I got acne around 4th-5th grade. Really nice for my self esteem! Not. But now I'm more sympathetic, I feel, because of that. I still have acne though, but its definitely not as bad as the past couple of years now that I know how to treat it! And yes, girls love sensitivity! Just not too sensitive, k? A guy that cries more than me
  9. Go go go go! My gym membership was a present too and I was too lazy to go but I felt bad for wasting the person's money so I'm forcing myself. Trust me, I know how you feel though. It sucks being all sweaty and tired and feeling like people are looking at you AND having mirrors allover the place. But I got over it as I starting getting into and liking my actual exercise. Just a side note, although I can't speak for ALL girls because I'm only one person, I don't care all that much about acne on
  10. @klick Pedaram irani hast, madaram faranze hast. Man kheylee kam farsi midoonam! @den_den I'm glad you liked it! Acne really held me back for years and years, and now that my skin is finally starting to respond positively to a treatment and I'm become more outgoing and less held back, I realize how much I regret wasting years of my life that so many older people wish they could relive.
  11. So today is Nowruz, or the Persian New Year. Fittingly, it is on the day of the vernal equinox, the first day of spring. During the days leading up to Nowruz, everyone cleans their homes, buys new clothes, and most importantly, cleans their soul in preparation of the new year. The last Wednesday of the year is called Chaharshambe Suri, where people celebrate the going of the last days of the old year. One thing in particular that people do is leap over a small fire, which is supposed to 'clean y
  12. Middle Eastern? Nice! I'm half Persian Just wanted to say... What. A. Bitch. You will get past this, you're almost 22! You have your whole life ahead of you, we all do! I know that no matter what I say or what anyone says, you're still going to have bad days because of those c*nts at work. But you make your own life; if you're having a bad day, don't make it worse. I know how it is, the day starts a little sucky, but then you only make it worse by thinking all of these bad thoughts. Instead o
  13. Families can definitely be infuriating, and friends too! "Stop messing up your skin with all those products, that's why you have acne!" "Maybe you shouldn't wear any makeup, that's what's probably breaking you out" I love all of them, but screw them when they don't understand how many HOURS I've researched on products, how good I take care of my skin, how the only makeup I use has like 4 ingredients and is acne-prone skin approved. The most awful is my friend who CAKES her face with concealer
  14. Well, I was in third grade the day I got my very first pimple. A few days before picture day. On the top of my nose. It was a tiny white head that I could have popped, but it grew wayyyyyy bigger and all the kids told me it was a wart. Then I started getting pimples more regularly 4th-5th grade and here I am, graduating high school in June. 8 years... I would have told my mom to take me to the doctor, I wouldn't have used my mom's old makeup that was a completely different color than my skin,