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  1. thanks for the great responses girls! tigress..thanks but makeupalley is what got me the most confused lol! redhed thanks for the great reply! now i am curious about mineral makeup but theres so much varying info on which brand to get and it sounds like a LOT of work to put on?? is it? also thanks for your input ipodist i will do so more research and look into mineral makeups, I cant tell if my makeup is breaking me out but it does sound like mineral makeup is "safer" than the rest does min
  2. any idea how long it might take to get it after i order, i live in New Jersey
  3. 2x a day dove for sensitive skin was using proactiv bp, ran out so just switched to on the spot (hate it! must order dan's bp gel) neutrogena oil free moisture for sensitive skin makeup: varies, not sure what to get I am not breaking out with NEW pimples big-time but i feel like all my acne just wont go away and it looks soo bad and red and bumpy.. id say my acne is moderate, not cystic (THANK GOD) but still pretty bad If i ever get the guts ill take a pic without makeup
  4. i'd be happy to have 3, my face is still full of pimples
  5. I am on my forth week and not clearing up yet
  6. I am trying Dan's regimen and having a hard time picking a foundation, concealer and powder. It seems like everyone here has either really dry skin or really oily skin. I guess mine is combo, depending on the day/weather/etc. What products are best for someone who has a little dryness sometimes and a little oiliness other times (but sometimes both at the same time) I have tried reading reviews and they are SOOO confusing because some people love and some people hate every product! Which one
  7. Right now I am giving Dan's a try, still waiting to see. Did you try Dan's first?
  8. Girl, I feel for you. I feel pretty when my breakouts aren't that bad so when I put makeup on I look pretty good, but when I take it off.. UGLY! Wish you the best of luck, you have GUTS! I've considered doing this, but I can't, I just can't
  9. Here's what I've gathered from searching the board: It depends on you. Some people (including Dan) insist you only splash your face with water. Others have said that washing and a light reapplication works fine for them, but you have to see what's good for you! I can never work out and not wash my face..yuck! But I haven't started to clear up yet so I am not sure if it works for me or not.
  10. I had no idea the Dove had oil in it! I used it because I read other girls use it to wash off their makeup! Dan, sorry to need this spelled out for me, but you're saying I should stick with the products I am using for a while? Even the Dove for sensitive skin? If I run of of the Proactiv lotion, is it ok to switch to On the spot?
  11. Congratulations carebear! How long after you stopped wearing makeup did you clear up?
  12. I am on my third week of Dan's Reg I am using Dove for Sensitive Skin Proactiv Repairing Lotion Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin The first week I did notice some slight improvement, the second week I broke out VERY badly, and I am still either breaking out or the pimples just wont start to heal at all (hard to tell since I have so many they blend together) What am I doing wrong? I don't want to use cetaphil because I do wear makeup, althought I am still trying to figure out wh
  13. A friend of mine told me she had the same reaction to proactiv as I did, it made my skin look and feel horrible (I even had to go to the eye doctor because the cleanser got in my eye, ouch) Anyway, she was raving about this stuff she got from Walmart which totally cleared her up called AcneFree. I looked it up, and it is a Proactiv imitation!!!! I am so confused how Proactiv made her skin look worse and the imitation cleared her up. Can anybody shed some light on this or has anybody had the s