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  1. I might do that. I am going on vacation next week, so I'll take that time to let my skin do what it does... see if it is actually getting better and not worse. My opinion of it varies with my mood If not, I'll try the facial, thanks for the tip!
  2. Still having that now. I think it will take a while since I have many of them. But I hope I will see improvement in a month or so. I hope you will too! And if you consider what's coming out of those things... I couldn't have seen that just vanishing inside, can you?
  3. I have exactly the same thing. Are you breaking out in tiny zits? I am still not sure, but some think it's a good sign - the skin purging the clogged pores. They have to come out some way.... Let's hope it's a good thing
  4. Well... i use effaclar for exfoliating, contains LHA. Also some sudocrem on spots, that one does contain BHA. But last ingredient en though it helps red marks fade, still not sure wether it clogs pores or not. Ingredients like paraffinum liquidum etc worry me. But it does help the healing progress. I hope this is the purging process and nothing worse, because it's terrible. I wake up with a new tiny zit or two nearly every day. Most of them tiny, but they leave red marks anyway. Sometimes I hav
  5. Yeah, scars are bad. The clogged pores that become zits heal pretty quickly in that they are normal skin again within a few days. But then reddish/pinkish. Which now makes my left part of chin a nice collection of pink and red spots But well... a little bit of concealer does help. I don't really notice improvement anymore at the moment, many of the bumps are still there. Though my mother does say she thinks it is getting better. But then, she has said that many times before Sweet of her thoug
  6. Weird indeed that you develop this symptom at exactly the same time! But otherwise it happens to more people that they get side effects years after taking the same pill without any problems. So it might be like that. For me, acne became a problem when I started Yasmin, while it is the same BC I had used without problems for a year or so. Suddenly it seemed to cause acne! I quit it two weeks ago, still hoping to see improvement Did you quit yet?
  7. Thinking that someone was doing this to me by infecting my products. Even ended up hiding them, just to be sure (RIDICULOUS!!!) And that this was going to teach me not to whine so much about stupid things I whined about before I got bad skin ('ewwww my skin looks a bit dull', 'eewww I got a little line on my forehead', 'eww that freckle on face is too big' --> I am NEVER going to care anymore if this passes. Gosh didn't I appreciate clear skin when I had it ) Edit; remembered another stupi
  8. Thanks. I don't have a derm (yet) but I might look into it. As for now I seem to be getting some results from my new regime (or the fact that I quit the BC that seems to have caused both candida and the acne), so i am going to stick to that for a while. If it doesn't keep working, I'll take it to the doctor and ask for a derm.
  9. If it troubles you so much that it makes you cover your face and be afraid to talk to people, I'd say it's not minor but a great enough problem for you to take it to the doctor. Are people only allowed to go to a doctor if they have life-threathening conditions? Because then, nobody with acne would ever get to go to a doctor, since it's not a dangerous disease in that it in itself kills you. But besides that, psychologically it can work disasters for you and that is something you must cherish j
  10. I wouldn't know, but if you never were quite clear before and now you do get clear at moments... who knows. Any way it's better than continously breaking out, right? Are your breakouts as bad as they used to be? But I'd look into your eating habits/surroudings/product use etcetera as well. You could write down each day shortly what you've done, where you've been, what you've been eating and drinking and which products you used on your skin (and maybe hair? This might also affect acne on your f
  11. That's great! I hope your skin will keep up that way
  12. Thanks for your reply! Wow I didn't know Paula's Choice was available here! I'll check into that if effaclar doesn't work in the long run. But right now I am quite happy with it, determined to use the whole tube before coming to conclusions and not very willing to buy yet another product since I've already spent too much money on the Normaderm line De Tuinen has good stuff, does the hydro-dag have spf? I have Oil of Olay Definity spf15, which I used for a long time without problems. But th
  13. No, but then usually it's said to me in a fun way after a fun personality quiz told me I'm an emo-kid (in that I tend to like bunnies and stuff hahaha) What is meant by it - you mean someone thinks you are emo-style, or someone thinks you are too emotional? Either way, what's so bad about it? Any idea why they would be calling you that, and why does it make you so mad? (Or maybe it's not such a bad thing in my country as it is in yours? Don't want to come over as not understanding, but I am cu
  14. *sigh* Algae extract is in their foundation as well! Too bad I didn't look into ingredients before I decided to buy all kinds of normaderm stuff. So far only the cleanser works okay for me. I am going to test the foundation locally a litter longer, just to see what happens. I don't like it as a foundation anyway (hardly like anything as a foundation) so I use it as a conceiler. Certainly am not going to use it on my whole face now! Just apllying it locally to see if I keep breaking out there