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    -It works -It doesn't dry out my skin when used with the acne.org moistuerizer -Goes on easily -Have to order on line This product works better than anything I've ever used before, and I've tried a lot of probucts. I only wish that I could buy it in stores. I'm a little impatient and hate waiting for packages in the mail. Plus, it would be nice to not have to pay for shipping everytime. Still....I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is struggling with acne and is gett
  2. This regimen works better than anything else I have ever used. It's a life saver. I use to get cystic acne and it even works for the deep hard to heal pimples. I would reccomend it to anyone! You have to try it.
  3. Thanks. Both responses have been helpful. I'm going to purchase Dan's regimen next week. I'm now hopeful and excited.
  4. I really only get cystic zits when I break out. Usually olny one at a time, but they are painful and they take forever to heal!! I was wondering if anyone else gets cystic zits and if DKR has helped to prevent them. I'm skeptical so I wanted some feedback before I decide to purchase the regimen. Thanks for the help.
  5. I've been using Philosophy Congested Kit for about six months now and it works really well, but I have recently moved to a really humid state and am now starting to get cystic zits again. I was wondering if anyone has tried Dan's and has also tried Philosophy and which one works better. I don't know how to fix the problem because I can't change my climate. My skin is pretty sensitive and I have tried BP before and it only severly dried it. Please help. I'm afraid that I'll have acne now as long
  6. I was wondering if anyone has tried using Sonya Dakar's Drying Potion on cystic zits and whether or not it actually works. I've read a lot of good things about the product, but am skeptical. Cystic zits seem to be the ONLY break outs that I ever get and it's frustrating because they take forever to heal and are impossible to cover with makeup. Please help. Thank you.