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  1. I am in Australia, 27, almost 28, and going to a skin specialist in 2 weeks time. I have no idea what he will prescribe me...... Any ideas on a medication I can enquire about or ask for??? I have ingrown hairs, acne, blackheads, lumps and bumps, plus i have scaring from a tanning lamp burn inncident a few years back.... Ur help and suggestions is appreciated. TRENT
  2. It's been awhile since I have blogged, I have had major friggin' breakouts and major issues with ingrown hairs...I hate those lil' shits! Anyways I have been fishing around on this site and I am now trying.....(Dont Laugh)......Head & Shoulders (Anti Dandruff Clean and Balanced Shampoo) as a face wash and Neutrogena Rapid Clear Spot gel on my skin after wards.... I couldnt find a 'normal' Head and Shoulders so will stick with this dandruff one lol, atleast I can use it on my hair as well as
  3. Hey hope u can find something for ur scars, just be careful you dont jump into something that could make them worse...do lots of research!!!


  4. penfoxtiru


    Me today after shaving and washing my face...what a mess!
  5. There are plenty more fish in the sea....u will meet someone and they will love and accpet you as you are, they wont judge you because of your skin!
  6. I know how ur feeling, it sucks dont it? I hope u find something that can help your skin and acne!
  7. Im scared to use that stuff, I will hopeffully be seeing a skins pecialist in the coming month.....Is there other products I can try that work just as well as accuntane?? What were ur side effects?
  8. Thats sad, how do u get urself motivated enough TO go to work??? I get to the point where I stress and get all clamy, go back and fourth from the mirror and just decided "NUP ur too ugly and spotty to go out, your not going out'. Its like a voice that takes over, it sucks. Acne sucks LOL....
  9. I hope u find a job....I went to my partners for a Buzz night last night, I went and looke dint he mirror, spots everywhere, after shaivng earlier on in the day....a friend who was over is 47 and has bad acne, I was thinking 'bloody heck, I dont wanna be in my 40's with acne and stressing over it', so today I am ringing my gp to get an appointment with a gp...its a scarey step but one I need to take for my own sanity!!!
  10. Tried what????????/ U mention u have green smoothies, what do u put in them?
  11. Just leave ur face alone and let it heel....drink plenty of water and use a moisturizer over it, after you shower, wash ur face etc.....stop picking and let nature take its cause.
  12. I hardly eat cheese and eggs and yoghurt, and I rarely drink milk, so it cant be dairy....How old r u? I have just tsarted taking Vitamin b complex, along with Vitamin c, Zinc tablets and Fish Oil Capsules....I hope this combo works for me!!!
  13. So r there any people over say 35 who have let acne rule their lives????? How do u cope living, being out in the public where people can see u in full view, your job etc??? Im curious to hear from sufferers..... Im 28 in January and I have prety much let it rule my life, even on good days when I am out and about, it is still playing on the back of my mind 'how bad is my skin', 'are people looking', do I have any new zits showing'...... Its horrid....
  14. I havent tried that no....I dont really want to...I cant handle more breakouts atm... Ive tried Acnefree, Proactiv, Clean and Clear, Clearasil, Neutrogena, toners, cleaners, washers, creams, loions and potions, tables, vitamins, you name it and I have tried it!!!!!