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  1. Hey everyone, Just popped my first pill. Very excited and nervous. Im 21, Ive had acne for about 4 or 5 years. Ive tried everything else. BP, Antibiotics, every topical cream/ointment/gel under the sun. I went on accutane about 2.5 years ago for about 2 months but stupidly stopped coz I had reaaaaally bad dry skin and chapped lips, but my face had cleared up within like 2 weeks and I thought that was it for good. And of course, P.acnes returned 6 months later, bigger and badder than ever. Anyw
  2. i've been an acne sufferer for about 2.5 years now, got it when i was 17 and i'm now 19 and a half. at first i did nothing, thought it wud just go away. tried clearasil for a while, but that obv did nothing. but it never really bothered me much. around the start of this year my acne flared up REALLLY BAD, and i mean like 3-4 new pimples a day. ive still got SEVERE red marks from all that acne. thats when i decided to do something about it. so i came across dans regimen, tried it out. i used mo
  3. did all that really happen, or was that just to make a point??
  4. None cant you read or something ? Damn shame that your gay and dumb your family must be so proud. i love this guy
  5. yep i rekn i'll try out 10% for a while, since it's working so well. i'm 6 days in now and havent had a single new pimple since my skin tolerates 10% so well, surely if i have to i can drop down to 2.5% or even 5% without much trouble, if i start getting acne again... hope this is regimen is finally my solution..i've tried everything!!!!!!
  6. but after 4 days i dont get serious drying or irritation...wouldnt that mean that my skin is thick and that 2.5% would be too weak for me? i really dont know, i mean ive had good results on 10% so far, but then everyone says its like the worst thing i can do lol...
  7. there really is nothing after life, you only get one stint here on earth so why end it? if its to end the pain, well you wont exist anymore to see the benefits of ending the pain will you?
  8. i tried 5% BP, and it didnt work for me at all. i'm now on 10% BP, and it seems to be working (4 days in). i've started with a fair bit of BP (about 75% of what Dan recommends) and have had barely any dryness, redness, etc...only very minor amounts near my eyes (where i probably accidently spread a bit). So although Dan recommends against it, do you think its ok for me to use 10%? I mean maybe the skin on my face is just really thick or some shit...? Has anyone else found success on the regime
  9. shudve tried non-latex condoms...but yeh fuk man u've been thru a lot, hope u get better soon
  10. i've been off it for about 9 days now coz i had joint pain which is gradually getting better...i'm still unsure whether or not to get back on but.
  11. i'm sure most ppl dont think mean things...i mean i hope most ppl out there are educated enough to realise that acne's one of the hardest conditions to treat, its not just a matter of washing your face lol. but then again u do get the odd misguided soul who might think we just need to wash our face more, or get a $5 clearasil bottle, and we're fine.
  12. i would do it...again just because i couldnt bear the guilt of preventing so many people of happiness
  13. i have been doing a bit of weights for upper body, not too intense but. maybe hitting the gym like 4 times a week. but the pain in my elbows is pretty minor, more just a discomfort than anything. the knees are killing way more, and i havent been doing squats or anything. i guess i do walk around univeristy, play soccer, cycle, etc a fair bit, but at the moment those are things that i really cant give up if i want to avoid suicide. its like i dont know what to do...if i dont go out and stay acti
  14. great to see you back bro...hope ur still hanging in there

  15. yeh sorry for the swearing...its just that i have a lot on my plate at the moment, so much stuff is happening to me and i constantly feel down and depressed. thhe thing is, i never tried anything like the BP regimen. I've had acne for about 2 years, and i only started really caring about 3 months ago when i started getting reaaaally bad breakouts. tried BP 5% for a while. didnt work. tried antibiotics for a week, but i cudnt handle the diarrhoea (as in having to chuck a shit 3-5 times a day).