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  1. Frankie! Got this email out of the blue, I must have subscribed to your log way back in the day! what you doing in France I thought you'd were at uni??? Sorry to hear about the returning acne but you know you're in safe hands with Roaccutane. Andrew
  2. Name: Andrew Sex: Male Age: 19 Location: Nottingham Best Feature: Height, and eyes Most annoying Feature: everything else
  3. You use make-up so you're a girl right? then just say its a night facial mask because you want to look your best.
  4. I feel exactly the same Acne related and acne unrelated
  5. So I have been on roaccutane for 5 months and it cleared me up 100%. I finished last week and I have been breaking out on my neck since I stopped. I thought it was supposed to continue working for a bit when you finish the course? Anyway, whats happning and will it get worse? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm getting really depressed again
  6. The lip thng is bad, especially when you wake up in the morning
  7. Day 146 So its almost been 5 months, whicn is hard to believe. I am no longer a prisoner in my house, no longer worry about lighting and no longer avoid eye contact with people. My life is changing. I got pill happy and started poping 80mg/day cause I could handle it just as well. I still have a box of 60 left and I plan to stretch it out at 20mg/day just so theres still roac in my system. If you have the opportunity, take roaccutane. Side effects: - Very chapped lips - Fatigue I used an
  8. I choose number 2. Good plan but you have a choice on the way you feel, you just feel it.
  9. Yooooooo Frankie! I got a letter from that interview the other day. They can't take me on anymore due to the restructuring of the organisation. Can you believe that shizzle nizzle. Anyway, hope you're good
  10. I thought the same thing, but forced myself to learn in the end. I didn't even see myself in any of the mirrors though becuase of the way they're angled. Its all good, GO LEARN TO DRIVE NOW