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  1. Aw, I'm sorry you're going through such a rough time, I feel for you. The first thing i noticed when i opened your post was how beautiful you are though. Try to keep your head up and know that you're going to get past this. I worked retail sales when my acne was bad, and it was the hardest thing to get out of bed and go to work while feeling so self conscious all day. So i know how you feel. If you ever need to vent or talk to someone, just send me a pm.
  2. I went on Accutane when I was 18 and while it did work for about a year, I still get mild breakouts fairly often. When while I was on it (80mg per day), I was constantly depressed to the point of contemplating suicide many times. That's not my personality at all, I would never in right mind think of that, but it made me deeply depressed and my personality was way different when i was on it. I had to skip my senior year of football because my joints always hurt and I felt brittle and weak. And
  3. Clean & Clear has a 3 in 1 cleanser that exfoliates (clears pores), kills acne with it's 5% benzoyl peroxide, and prevents new pimples. I use this every day and it really helps me not to breakout. It's only $5 too which is a hell of a lot cheaper than Proactiv. I use one more thing that instantly removes black heads. It's also super cheap, it's called Queen Helene mint julep masque. Once a weak I steam my face for 10 minutes and then apply this mask, leave it on for 20 mins and then get off
  4. I don't get many breakouts anymore but one thing that is consistantly a pain in the butt is the stringy white stuff under my cheeks in one area. It's just one small area that the skin rises a little because there is a buildup of sebum underneath. So I squeeze it all out and then it eventually comes back. I exfoliate and use salicylic acid and even a few mild BP products but nothing seems to help. Any advice? Thank you!
  5. Not really, Benzoyl Peroxide keeps away the bigger pimples but doesn't do much for blackheads and enlarged pores. This however will help you, it's really cheap and will remove most of your blackheads. http://www.drugstore.com/queen-helene-mint...-julep/qxp79218 Good luck
  6. I totally agree with you. I try to extend the time between when I masturbate because I've studied this over the course of months and there definitely was a correlation. When I didn't masturbate for 2 weeks I didn't have one pimple but when I went back to every other day, I would start to get minor breakouts. I tried this several times to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence. I'm aware that not everyone believes this is true and it might not affect them, but there are many people that are affec
  7. Hi Chris, sorry about what you're going through. First off, I do recommend trying the regime. The Benzoyl Peroxide is a huge factor in cleaning out the junk under your skin thats giving you trouble. If you get on the regime, I strongly recommend getting Jojoba oil to use as a moisturizer, since it is the ultimate moisturizer and helps balance the oil production of skin. You can also mix it with the moisturizer, which is vital since the BP will dry your skin out like crazy. There is something y
  8. I used to be the same way, it was like I had OCD and had to pick and squeeze my face, but I stopped looking in the mirror. I avoided the mirror at all costs, and had to tell myself that I would only make things work. Not only will it help your skin to heal, but you won't think about your acne quite as much when you don't see yourself. Trust me, it will help a lot. Best of luck to ya!
  9. This is a really good product, Sulfur is the main ingredient, and it works really fast. It's great for drying up cystic pimples and can drastically reduce the size of a huge cyst over night . I've found that it's also great for controlling breakouts, and another cool thing about it is that it blends in with the skin, so If you have a red spot, just dab a little bit over it and it will be hardly noticeable. I've spent so much money on skin care products, I wish I had found this $10 product a lon
  10. I've been using Differin since March, but wanted to start using Alpha Hydroxy Acid to even out my skin tone, and get rid of some redness. I'm curious if it's okay to use the AHA in the morning as a spot treatmeant and then use Differin at night time? Thanks
  11. Before I ever had acne, I was a very outgoing friendly person. When was 17, I started to get an oily face which turned into acne. It's been a miserable 2 years but I took Accutane and I'm all clear now. I'm not sure if it's depression or the accutane changed part of my personality but some days I feel so hopeless, and I see life in a dark way that I never saw it before. I'm not a funny person anymore, I'm rather quiet and often don't have anything to say. I don't know what's going on?