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    Yes it is. I just used it once last night. I won't use it at all tonight.
  2. Mare


    Hey Denise. I am supposed to have my treatment done on Friday. It will take place in Toronto and Tina is doing it. She is a permanent makeup artist and does beautiful work. Hopefully that is an indication of her talent. I'm a little concerned having read some of these posts but I suppose there is always dr yarborough if i am really dissatisfied. Wish me luck. I am using retisol A on my skin, would that be beneficial or should I stop using it?
  3. If you go to Spa Medica, they will have you do a consultation with an aesthetician first. I wanted to see Dr Keller but they don't let you see her unless someone else has already determined it is pertinent. So I saw the aesthetician and she recommended Photofacial and Sonopeels. Well that's insanely expensive and probably not the solution I am looking for. So I am trying to make an appointment to have needling done with Tina at Spa Medica. My scars are like scarred pores and are shallow so I
  4. Ok. So now that I have made an appointment to have needling all of 24 hours ago....it feels like this might not be the right one? I've waited so long to do this and I thought needling worked well. TCA is really that good is it? It scares me because it is acid. The thought of a powerful acid coming in contact with my face is disturbing.....I thought I had chosen the least evasive while being effective form of scar revision. I don't know what to do?
  5. Happy gal. You found a technician in Toronto? Can I ask who and how? I've looked into it and had no success in finding any medical professionals or aestheticians who have ever heard of it??? I just booked an appointment with Lillian who is in Virginia. If you've found someone who is trained to do the procedure and has been at it awhile, I'd love to know about it? Thank-you
  6. I'd say most people are willing to spend as much as is required to eleviate scars caused by acne. My personal opinion is that unless you walk a mile in someone else's shoes, you haven't the right to pass judgement. I could never see the problem with spending money to improve your skin, it's not a vanity issue for most of us it is a sanity issue. You sacrificed in order to have the procedure. You don't owe anyone an explanation.
  7. EH girl. I am from Ontario as well and a girlfriend of mine had Dr. Adamson perform plastic surgery on her after a car accident. He is extremely good but with that comes a very large price tag. He charges $7000 for laser resurfacing of the face. I was in touch with his office and feel that is a little excessive considering my scars are minor and I can't justify that cost. It costs $250 to have a consultation with him but he is the best. He has a website. http://www.dradamson.com/ Good l
  8. Hey Denise. That's awesome. I emailed Frank but received no word back. I would appreciate it if you could tell me where I could contact Lilian. Virginia is such a beautiful state and it's not that far from me. Not close. But definitely close enough to go to a woman who is so highly thought of!!! Thanks
  9. Drewboy. Congratulations, it is awesome that you are healing perfectly and achieving great results. Take care of that new skin when you go downunder. They have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world for a reason. It looks like you probably like to surf, so if you are on your board in the land down under slap on a 30. My dermatologist recommended Nutrogena, I hate sun screen because it is oily no matter what brand but this stuff actually absorbs into the skin and leaves it with the same
  10. Hey Aussie friend. Where are you from? I was in Aus in 2003 and I had an aesthetician do a combo Glycolic Peel and Microdermabrasion. I was trying so hard to be brave but it hurt intensely and I almost told her to stop. I asked her if I was bleeding and she said no, if it was bleeding you would scar. I thought no kidding and that's probably what is going to happen. Needless to say it worked really well and although I looked like I had a bad sunburn and later that I had gotten into a fight
  11. I'm positive this question has been posted before and there was a scientific or biological reason for one's skin looking better in the morning. Anyway I concur my skin is significantly better in the morning although I might have pillow face If my skin looked the same for the rest of the day I wouldn 't even consider having scar revision!
  12. This is just my perspective...I am far harder on myself than anyone else. Where I expect perfection in various aspects of my life, and physical makeup I am much more forgiving of others and the men I date. If I was dating a guy I found attractive and he had acne scars it probably wouldn't bother me. That coming from a mellow 31 year old!
  13. Hey Drewboy. Congratulations on your procedure with Dr Y. I am glad that you took the plunge and I am sure it will be worth the time, effort and embarassment. I've always wanted to have my left cheek fixed but nobody has agreed to doing a spot treatment. I will let John Sydney give you the lowdown on Auz, but I am Canadian and I spent a year in the land down under. New South Wales was very cold for the six Canadian girls, including myself, who bunked together during teacher's college. So m
  14. Hey [censored name]. You had a tattoo artist perform your needling treatment? What kind of diet to you follow? I agree with you about finding a nutrious diet to help your body. There is so much garbage in our foods today regardless of how your body processes it. Then we wonder why children are obese and adults are becoming diabetic at an alarming rate. I really feel strongly now that I will go the same route you have gone and have my scars needled. I will make it a Christmas present to my
  15. Hey, I didn't have too many problems like that. But I was once told I looked like a banana. You know when they get all those dark spots. Although it stuck in my mind I have to consider who it was coming from. I also had a girlfriend's sister say that my friend and I were zit faces and that we were going to get scars, but hey she was not a nice person. If you can think of any ways to deal with bullying effectively I'd love to hear them. As a teacher I deal with that sort of stuff regularl