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  1. Hi, I just started Accutane about 4 days ago, and I have a question. I'm 5'11", and 150lbs and my doc started me off at 20mg a day, so I'm just wondering if there is still a chance I will go into complete remission, or if you *HAVE* to follow the 120mg/kg rule. Thanks
  2. Well, I'm on the 9th week, going into the tenth and my acne hasn't really improved all that much...is this a sign i should go on accutane? There are no cysts, but I keep getting pimples like normal, my acne is moderate.
  3. Ahh I went off of this stuff about 2 weeks ago almost, yea my skin was better, but I ran out and never bought any more. It's was good for it's run.
  4. Yea I had dry skin from the BP regimen, but on this regimen you won't get dry skin. However, I am using the C&C 5% BP wash, not the 10% some American's can get. So yea, I don't get any dryness, but you might experience at first.
  5. You sleep on your back most of the time your sleeping anyways. Everyone does, even if you go to bed on your side and wake up on your side, for most of the night you have slept on your back. That's not what caused it .
  6. Yea it's me again. Well, this is like my 4th week on it, and I have seen some results, albeit slow ones. What is happening is I am going away for army reserve training for the weekend, and am not permitted to bring anything civilian (yes even medication, unless it was for something serious) and this can not be debated. So I am wondering, if I miss two dosages of it, will it affect me? I will take a pill on the Saturday morning (250mg), and then I will be away until Sunday night when I will take
  7. So if I left it on for 30 minutes there would be an improvement?
  8. Well I would join you guys, but the bumps on my forehead are going down now, so I guess I just needed time with mine. However, I have got two cysts growing under my skin I can feel, damn Oh yea and I'm still getting whiteheads around me mouth and blackheads on my nose....maybe I should reduce SA scrub too?
  9. So what would this substitute? The BP, or the SA wash from Bothlas regimen? I dunno, it doesn't say it contains BP so I'm not gonna run out to replace this. I think I'll stick with this Botchla thing for a while longer.
  10. Yea I tried the whole salt water thing. Thought it was taking acne away too, but really all it did was dry out my skin and make red marks less visible TEMPORARILY. I mean I worked at it so much, that one day I left it on for an hour and didn't feel a burn. haha yea get some face wash dude don't waste your time with this.
  11. Won't clear up your cystic acne, at least it didn't for me. I saw really no change at all. And when I only went to using it, with no other drugs/face washes or anything, I broke out even more. Get some meds man, I recommend Erythromycin or Tetracycline if you haven't done them. They both take a couple months to see effecs, but they worked pretty well for me for a couple years.
  12. I have hyperpigmentation I think...it's where there is a red mark on the skin, that looks to be part of the skin, like it goes deep? Yea, I have some around my temples, and it was from the BP. I had an old prescription of 10%, and I had a pimple there once, back in June, and I still have the hyperpigmentation of it, as well as in various other places on my face. The only way I've found to increase fading without breakouts so far is sunshine OR that Herbal Logix stuff.
  13. Advantage line...is this the stuff that looks like the bottles you would buy on Botchla's regimen, but they say 'deep cleaning' and shit on the bottles?
  14. Well, just posting in to say hi. I am on week 3 now, or maybe 4 I forget. Yea, the breakout around my mouth has subsided pretty much, there are still a few that have to scab over and fall off, but they have pretty much stopped. I'm still using that Herbal Logix stuff as I've got red marks to fade, and then I will be clear. I also wanted to tell everyone that is on this...DO NOT PICK YOUR PIMPLES. I don't care how much puss they have on them, do not pick them. I did around my mouth, and they co
  15. Well, they seem to be fading. Remember, I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin, and I've been using this stuff all over my face now for a while and have had no extreme breakouts. I mean I got a couple pimples, but they were just coming to the surface. This stuff does fade red marks, I mean they aren't completely gone, but a hell of a lot better than what they were 2 weeks ago. I would recommend this stuff, but I am guessing before I get all the red marks off my face, it will take a couple months, like