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  1. Just read your post. Lad I'm Irish too and going through the exact same problem as you. Post accutane damage is horrible. Hope your still active on this as I'd really appreciate someone to talk to about this.
  2. Well I ain't really that good at keeping day to posts going so maybe weekly updates will do? Symptoms: Dry Lips (Not too dry though) Dry Skin!!! Which I much prefer than oily skin! Week 1: My skin got dry towards the 4th day on tane. Its manageable though! I got some new spots (3 or 4?) that were kinda bad. Big red pussy ones =( They were a right pain but thankfully healed kinda quick. Week 2: Skin got a little drier, still o.k though. Same for my lips (might be time for lip balm). Got some
  3. Hello again to anyone that I've met before on here. Its been a while since I've been on here. September 08 maybe? Anyways my Story in brief, 20 years old now. Male. Been getting acne since I was 13. Moderate acne on face, neck and back with very oily skin. Absolutely sick of acne now I've been on about 3 or 4 different types of acne medications over that time. Minocylin (spelling?) and those other ones the doctor throws at you. Tried everything thats in the chemist! Women and mens products!
  4. I'd recomend sudocrem Type it into the search bar up near the top right of this website and you'll find threads discussing it. Its been around for ages, is dirt cheap, lasts ages and to some (maybe many) is their miracle cure. Im from Ireland so can get it anywhere but heard it has to bought online if you live in America? It has amazing healing properties. Give it a try.
  5. Have you tried using a mass gaining supplement? I myself have never used one and do not have much knowledge on them but have read good reviews over the past year or so about certain brands and what to look for when shopping around. Sites that review these products can be helpful but some of the users will argue as to what will be the best. If you take this path then try to find some literature or a credible source that will give you an unbiased summary of what would be most beneficial to you. A
  6. I'd agree with that...Your using to many products on your skin. Calm it down and find out what exactly works for you =)
  7. Wow you went off on some rant there! And after all that you didn't really make a point at all. Just my opinion but your a right fruit loop so ya are! Good luck with your cult! Looser!
  8. Heya I'm failry new to this site (and the regimen which I started about 2 weeks ago) so I'm not too well versed on the ins and outs of acne (especially diet related). Anyways I'd first like to just say I used to use sebamed too. Used it for about a year and it was such a waste of time for me. It worked for the first few months but then just had no affect at all on my skin. Does it work for you??? From reading your post your life seems to be totally consumed by acne! My god I couldn't imagine h
  9. Ah ya got yer CAO offers then! Congratulations! Where are ya thinkin of goin? UCD? UCC? UL? What ya hoping to teach?
  10. Might be a silly question but have you tried the regimen on this website yeah? Kinda assuming that since your here?
  11. Well what topicals are you using? And how often do you use them? I would recommend mosturizer because it will only help your skin on its way to becoming clear. This too depends on what your using and how often remember.
  12. Hey all, new member here! A brief introduction of myself (and my skin) would be that I'm a 19 year old lad from Ireland who suffers from mild to moderate acne with oily skin and blocked pores and would love to reach the days of clear (doesn't have to be perfect) skin. Basically i was wondering if theres anyone out there whos going starting the Regimen either this week or next week? Or maybe has started it last week? If so I'd like to keep in contact with them and see how things go for them a
  13. Hey, dont know if your still online or not but I just happened to stumble on your post and kinda felt compelled to write something. I've only been on this site a few days and this is my first actual post. I don't (as nobody does) have any magic words of wisdom that will make you happy or make you see meaning to your life but I'd basically just like to let you that a complete stranger such as myself would care if you decided to end it all. You talk about people only caring about themselves but