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  1. noooo listen to me..... go on accutane.. the side effects arent even that bad... using benzeol peroxide isnt gunna work forever and youll be back to square 1. use acctuane youll have clear skin and never have to think about it again
  2. honeslty ive been reading through this form for quite some time and have seen my fair share of different ways to get rid of acne.. the way i see it... the only thing that ppl ever actually have real sucess with is going on accutane.. like fuckin.... ive heard of ppl putting fucking lemon juice on their face, baking soda,, potatos?!? even there own god dam piss... like is this really going to work? NO its not... and all these antibiotics ppl are talking about... i never hear about this shit wo
  3. jesus fuck and ppl will ask " what do you have so much acne?" wtf kind of a question is that?! what do i even say to that shit
  4. being in high school and having acne sucks..... who agrees?
  5. LOL fucking evotlution guy . Fuck are u talking about?
  6. Ok, so ive just started accutane, and i know its not a good idea to drink alchohal. buttttt ive got plans to anyways for like the next 3 days:p. Is this is a good idea? i wouldnt drink tooo much just a couple drinks each time. Anyone know anything about this? i dont really know how harmful it would be on my liver?
  7. people are always talking about all the differnt vitamins that help acne. so why doesnt someone make an acne multivitimin that only contains all the vitamins that would help with acne?
  8. are there way too many fucking causes of acne..... i mean reading around this site, ppl are literaly saying sooo many differnt things that causes there acne.... like fuck . i think ive read at least one thing about every single food in the world how it may relate to acne.....
  9. ok so heres a brief description of my acne story. i am almost 16 and have hade moderate acne for about 1 1/2 years. Its mosty on my chin and around my mouth, and my forhead. its horrilbe, i hate it. Anyways, last summer, i was totally obsesesd with getting rid of acne, and i tried many different things, everytime i started somthing new, i would get exited that it may actually work..... then as nothing worked....i would get sad again.... so basicly school started and about halfway through the y
  10. yeah its expensive shit, but i wanna try it
  11. has anyone ever tried using this i came across it the other day and it seems like a good product to try please post your expieriences with it http://www.skincultureusa.com/catalog/skinpeel.php
  12. drinking it can be good because it helps to clean your blood
  13. yeah, i already take A, E and zinc and and i dont have any more pimples just red spots everywhere, i heard vitamin C is good for that, so i started taking it.
  14. yeah, im thinking of around 3000 mg per day
  15. ive heard vitamin C has a huge effect on skin, anyone ever had any sucess with this?
  16. alright, so i was researching what vitamins i should take( i already take A, E and zinc) and i found out that vitamin C can play a huge part in dealing with red hyperpigmentation marks. has any one had any sucess with vitamin C? if so, post here.
  17. just got clindoxyl gel from my doctor Can anyone tell me anything this product? your thoughts are appreciated
  18. just got clindoxyl gel from my doctor Can anyone tell me anything this product? your thoughts are appreciated
  19. im trying to buy some, but i cant find them. just went to my local drug store but there not ther???
  20. yeah, that looks exacly like mine, i used effaclar k and now all i have a bunch of reds marks i cant seem to get rid of...