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  1. Thanksss Johnsta! Yep all has been smooth sailing for me! accutane has been pretty darn easy actually.. besides the chapped lips NO side effects what so ever since my last post. I still have one box to go and then i'm all done! My skin is FLAWLESS ( i hate saying that 'cause i feel like i am going to jinx myself, so *touch wood*) and its ridicously glowy and healthy looking.. I get compliments on my skin all the time. I never have to wear concealer or foundation anymore either. I cant say i
  2. I've only got 2 more months!! yay! i was supposed to finish in Jan but my derm bumped my course to 7 months cause i was still getting a few spots here and there when i visted him. but as of 2 weeks ago my skin has been FLAWLESS! no pimples at all and like all beautiful and glowy. not dry at all! My lips are chapped as hell though.. my nose is blocked with custy blood but apart form that no side effects i can't handle. so yeah.. not too much to report besides im loving my skin right now! anyone
  3. 17weeks and 1 day.. my chapped bleeding lips have finally healed. they're still a bit flakey but not painful and i can eat without them bleeding. eww. No new side effects really, just some depression. not suicidal or anything just some downer moods where i just want to stay home and avoid everyone.. I would have thought my skin would be flawless by now but i'm still having some break outs. I did have heaps of crap under my skin so i guess its just taking longer to push everything out. I'm re
  4. no probs.. I know what its like. i was soo nervous lying to my derm at first but i know i'm doing the right thing for my body anyway. I live in Australia and they seem to be wayyyy more laid back about accutane here. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?! I have been on it for 3 months and have only had 2 bloodworks done (one before starting and one at the 3 months mark). I have only seen my derm twice since he prescribed it and each time the questions are more “are you feeling o
  5. meh, i still tan.. i dont burn at all. instead of using the hot creams tho i switched to the ones that don't tingle and i only tan my face for a few minutes.
  6. i have a dirty little secret... I am not actually taking my birth control pills I have bad side effects from taking the pill and i have been on and off them for years trying to find one that works for me.. and NONE of them do. So i am not going back on the pill.. It messes with me way too much to even consider it. i am a responsible adult and use proper protection. i dont feel like i need to be on the pill to not get pregnant. and if by some extremelllllly small chance i do become pregnant i
  7. i had great results straight away, with hardly any new pimples. but a week ago i started breaking out again, i'm soo frustrated. i thought i had got rid of it! but i guess patience is key and eventually it will all clear up.. well my point is, everyone reacts differently. some people clear up right away with it never returning.. others have ups and downs and others dont clear up right until the end. but dont give up.. 7 weeks is not really that long into treatment. you'll see results soon!
  8. being confident at the beach without makeup.. and just waking up and smiling when i look in the mirror.
  9. hey tired princess! umm i think it was around the 3 months mark that i started to have no pimples what so ever..no blackheads or whiteheads, nothing! I would wake up in the morning and not have to worry about covering spots! it was awsome. but these last few days i've been getting quite a few around my jaw line, it really isn't that bad but it's still depressing after my skin has been flawless for awhile. I had pretty mild/moderate acne too.. i would get the occasional cystic zits but i mostly
  10. hi sophiena! i have read your entire log, every.single.comment. thanks for sharing! I laughed at the part about you getting up before your boyfriend to put your makeup on and how you would sit at seat with the best lighting with your best side facing when you ate out, because i used to do the exact same thing! Anyway, i just wanted to say you're absolutely gorgeous and accutane is doing wonders because your skin is glowing! i hope the rest of your course is smooth sailing.
  11. Im on my 3rd month and the symptoms have well and truly kicked in now even though i cleared up in the first month.. i'm guessing it took awhile for it to build up in my system. and i assume they'll stay until i take my last tablet! it will be all worth it though!
  12. I wouldn't use spot treatment everyday.. around the 3 month mark the dry and sensitive skin really kicks in. Maybe just use it twice a week on the bigger pimples? you wouldnt want to chemical burn your skin. it will look way worse than a pimple or 2.
  13. i always forget to take my morning dose so taking it twice at night seems like my best option and seems to be working well.. I started end of July (27th to be exact) and my course is for 6 months. 3 months to go! i have noticed a MASSIVE difference in my skin already. its smoother and the pimples i do get are only tiny little whiteheads. i would be happy if my skin stayed like this. but i hope it improves until i have no acne at all! My sister was on a 6 month course on a low dosage. she can'