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  1. Would any of you suggest I try some light chemical peels? I have what I believe would be called "olive skin", and I am aware that deeper peels aren't recommended for darker skin tones, so would maybe a light to medium peel help out with some rough texture, or maybe help with the pigmentation issue? cheers
  2. Thanks for the tips! I guess i'm a little nervous to do any drastic procedures since I don't want to end up making things much worse. Has anyone tried needling for these hypopigmented, very slightly raised marks? thanks!
  3. hi guys, I have scars on my forehead that I believe would be highly minor hypertrophic scars. They are very slightly raised (to the point where you pretty much cant feel them at all) and they are white (hypopigmented). Depending on lighting, they go from almost unnoticeable, to looking somewhat bad (to me anyway). I have olive skin, and was wondering if anyone had this type of scarring on their forehead. If so, what type of procedures have you tried? What would you recommend? cheers!
  4. Hi, I have darker skin, I believe it would be between type III and type IV. I'm Italian and it's like I have a permanent tan. Anyways, it seems that every pimple left a slightly raised, white scar on my shoulders, and upper back, so I have hundreds of them. I was thinking the only thing that will potentially give me a significant improvement would be some form of resurfacing. I know there are risks with darker skin, such as the risk of more scarring. I was wondering which type of resurfacing wo
  5. Thanks, sdguy. I'm actually keeping dermabrasion in mind. Has anyone had dermabrasion done on their shoulders and upper back for these white, slighly raised scars, and had good results?
  6. thank you for the reply. what percent improvement would you say you say in the scar being restored to your natural skin color?
  7. Just wondering if anyone has tried a PDL on a hypertrophic or keloid scar. I heard that it can help bring your natural pigment back to the scar, has anyone had any success with ths, and if so, were the results temporary or permanent? cheers
  8. alright thanks again! Are there different types of injections? I believe i've been getting cortisone shots. I'm not positive but I think how these shots work is as an anti-inflammatory, so they make the scars go down? Are there any shots out there that can actually permanently break up/ destroy the scar tissue?
  9. thank you! I noticed something similar. The first injection I got in each scar did flatten them, but they raised up quite quickly. I've now had a few more and it seems that it takes longer for them to raise up, so is it safe to assume that after a series of the shots, they might permanently stay flattened?