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  1. Hey! I do wear concealer for all my sins, haha! Have done since I got my first nasty lil spot when I was 13 or 14, and my mum just got fed up and dabbed some concealer on it - had one ever since. It's a bit of an addiction actually. I don't go over-board, but I do try to control any redness of spots with some. You're right, but it's easier said than done isn't it? I haven't felt this way for years (feeling like I can't even go out) so it's a bit of a shock to find myself in this situation ag
  2. Worst I've felt in a long, long, long, long, long time. However, I think I thought that the last time. And the time before that, and the time before that. But yeah. Not feeling too great.
  3. I thought that. I went on holiday with mine and couldn't exactly hide anything! Thankfully my face was ok at the time.
  4. Just a bit of a rant, really. Haven't been on this forum for years, but I had a major break-out a few weeks back that has been getting me very down. Basically on my jawline all on one side, lots of tiny bumps, a good few cysts etc. Of course, I picked and squeezed and made it all much, more worse. So I'm left with acne of varying degrees, from brown/red marks, to scabs, to the most recent tiny spots that for some reason I just had to poke and squeeze. Ended up making them both bleed and weep fro
  5. These two points EXACTLY! My face has been alright for a good few years, after being on accutane. I still get bad spots, but they're nothing like they were. Anyway, I had a break out 3 or 4 weeks back, which spread like wildfire around my jaw/neck. It's been slowwwwly getting better, spots have been scabbing over, but there were these two bumps. They didn't hurt, didn't even look bad, but I just attacked them the other night. Today, THEY ARE AWFUL. Went to bed feeling like crap, just as I will t
  6. Sorry to resurrect an old thread! I've had some awful cysts on my left-hand jawline/neck, over the last month or so? Never experienced anything like it in ages, as soon as one went (yes, through popping/squeezing I'm afraid) another would surface, then anything. I'm left with so many red/brown patches. Last night after a few other were scabbing up, I noticed two more that had been there for a while but never came to a head. One was hurting, the other not so much, but stupidly I decided to try sq
  7. I've had bloody noses for at least the last 2 months, I've come off accutane (past 3 days) and they're still here. I'd never gotten a nose bleed exactly whilst on, but the inside of my nose seems to always have dry blood. And when i get a cold (always) and need to use a hankey... mm.. yes, not nice. But hey ho! Yeah, it seems to be very normal side effect.
  8. I have another week! Yay for us! And yeah, same here. Still have some acne, but hopefully the next few months should do the trick!
  9. Not sure about the bumps, wouldn't worry too much, but I can definatley sympathise with the nostrils. Ouch, they do hurt, dried up blood etc. No nice, and vaseline isn't helping me now I'm in my 3rd month (about half way through it actually) my spots have cleared very well, it's just the very dry skin I have to deal with - especially the nostrils. Yeh, drink lots of water, it just makes you feel better full stop! Good luck.
  10. Yup, I've been getting red bloodshot eyes for a good few weeks now, on 2nd month (ALMOST THIRD WOO) 50mg a day. I have been on since August however, but something fucked up and I was hardly taking any dosage, so god-damn. Aaanyway, I think it is the accutane, but i've hardly been getting any sleep lately too (most likely cause of the accutane) and I've been working in front of the computer a loooot. Hopefully a few more early nights will help..
  11. Exactly the same thing has happened to me. Argh, my face looks AWFUL, I have lots of redness. Got some bad spots last couple of days, and I'm awful for picking and squeezing. I even had to take a sick day off work because it looked so bloody terrible. And yet, I know I'm too blaim :doh: I also have one under my skin which WILL JUST NOT POP AND IT IS SO RED. I feel your pain, I really do, and I'm not sure what will help. Sorry.
  12. Well I was seeing results, just started month 3 (I think, the tablets confuse me, but I'm sure it's been about 3 months), and I was drinking for the 1st time whilst on Accutane at the weekend (only 3 cans though..) ... got a baaaad cyst on chin next morning, and now it's horrible and scabby. I've also developed more acne on cheeks.. forehead... nose etc. very annoyed as I was seeing results face is also very dry.. red.. etc. I'm not getting dry lips, but rather wet skin on my lips! Overall,
  13. I'm well into my 2nd month, and if I've had my IB (which is 7-10 days, usually) ... I didn't really notice! Look, it's different for everyone, you won't get a difinitive answer, all you can do is try Accutane for yourself. So far... I'm happy with the results. Still a long way to go, but I'm about half way, and been taking 5mg.. now on 10mg! Good luck.
  14. Same here. I'm about 5 days into my 2nd month now, and my face is not too oily, not too dry. JUST right! I did have a breakout once I upped my dosage from 5mg a day to the now 10mg.. i hope that doesn't happen everytime I up my dose, and I also don't want my skin to become too dry! GOO LUCK EVERYONE.
  15. All I can think of is toothpaste, so to harden it and it'll come up as a white head? then you can sqeeze it? They're a bitch