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  1. I know I had issues with seborrheic dermatitis lately (fungal infection on my face) in part due to wearing masks, some of my acne resembled yours-- little white pustules that would pop out of nowhere. Normally my acne is deep and not long on the surface, but this was different, and it was the worst around my chin and mouth. Maybe you should try some anti-fungal cream, sulfur soap, or zinc pyrithione wash on your face. Some fungal infection cream helped clear my skin up pretty quickly.
  2. I'm 35-- I had a very similar experience in my mid-late 20s. My acne somehow changed and turned into "a million little zits that never go away" whereas when I was a teenager they were bigger, less numerous, and once I'd pop them, they'd heal. Enter my mid twenties and they became tiny little deep cysts that would magically grow back over and over again. Ironically, I did try bare minerals for a while and it didn't seem to help. Nowadays I try to go with as little makeup as possible. I also had
  3. Looking at this post again, I just had a bout of what was probably peri-oral dermatitis. Since I'm female, I can't grow a full beard... However, if I were a male and had this kind of problem, I would grow a full beard. I have a young relative with similar dark facial hair (similar to the poster) that's prone to becoming ingrown-- Sometimes I think my mouth/chin acne is hormonal in nature, and kind of hard to tackle. I try to stay away with fluoride toothpaste, since it's supposed to aggravate th
  4. Heh! To be honest, I've tried things on and off. The only thing that helped remotely short-term was to try to pop them with a mirror and blackhead extractor when they were beyond the extreme inflammation stage. It's really difficult to spot treat on your head, especially when your hair is as dry and frizzy as mine. My general practitioner prescribed me doxycycline for breakouts as needed, which sometimes helps. Good shampoos/conditioners marketed towards "people with thinning hair" seems to h
  5. Just my two cents-- I've had a similar acne twice after going off Accutane. A few months ago I had the beginnings of a nasty breakout and tried Skinceuticals "Blemish and age Defense" serum and their LHA cleansing gel. Sometimes I alternate the skinceuticals' serum with 15% Mandelic Acid serum by Vivant. Not the cheapest stuff, but I was able to shop around on the internet and get them at a discount. For some reason, I think my acne post-Accutane became really hard and steadfast, and the acids i
  6. I figured I'd bump this topic. The humidity in my area (Northeast US) seems to trigger my scalp acne. I have a lifelong history of antibiotic use for acne. My first really bad breakout of scalp acne occurred around age 28. I went on Accutane after that (twice)- mostly for the facial and back acne. I can still get the scalp issue even when my face is clear. Anyone who has ever had acne will know how fickle and bizarre it can be. Right now (knock on wood), my face is clear. I've been using Taz
  7. Maybe it has something to do with the person doing the waxing. This is off topic at this point, I guess-- but as a female, I've had some sensitive areas waxed in the past. With one of the waxers, I would *always* have issues with raw skin, ingrown hair, infections. With the other two waxers, I had very few issues. There's probably an art to this skin-waxing thing, so (if you haven't done so already) do some research into where you have your waxing done. I also remember having issues once the h
  8. I'd bet my money that you have a wart. My son had a little wart on his thumb at the age of 2 or 3. It's not uncommon for anyone to have. The pediatrician recommended some of that salicylic acid wart remover stuff to paint on the wart and cover with a band-aid until it went away. I had one around age 30. The dermatologist burnt it off and left a nasty little bubble thing that eventually popped and healed. You could probably go to your regular doctor (primary care physician) and he/she might be
  9. Try to use a moisturizer while your skin is raw and red from the actuate. If you get chapped/bleeding lips, your doctor might be able to give you a script for topical steroid ointment... I was on Accutane twice (for much less severe acne) and had very few side effects-- even while I was on an antidepressant. Since I'm a short little troll, my dosage was adjusted accordingly.
  10. This is an old post- but I figured I'd bump it. I'm having the same problem and wonder if anyone has found something that works. I have curly/wavy hair that tends to be dry and bushy, and develops split ends unless I use emollient conditioners. This is kind of a vicious circle since I also get scalp acne on occasion and it is impossible to treat with the typical drying over-the-counter scalp remedies. I also think the average anti-dandruff/ clarifying shampoos irritate and dry out my scalp so mu
  11. My skin was great a few weeks after birth until a few months after I stopped nursing my son. He was about 11 months old when I officially stopped nursing. Shortly after that, the acne came back. My mother, who had five kids, swears her acne was terrible as a teen and was much better after she had her first baby. Birth control pills never helped my skin remain clear, though, and spironolactone never helped, either, so I'm not sure what it was about the nursing that helped my skin.
  12. I apologize if someone has already brought this up-- but do you think it's possible you might have "barber's itch", caused by a fungus tine barbae? Dandruff is often caused by a fungus, too.... Since it seems you already tried numerous antibiotics, I'm wondering if it could be a fungal infection. Maybe if you were able to get the right doctor, someone could do a culture on one of the lesions. They look really painful! Not to make you try yet another thing, but maybe nizoral would help, or anti
  13. When I go through a "bad skin spell", I get extremely withdrawn... I get irritated when I feel that someone is looking at me too long, although I try not to show my irritation. Speaking of irritation, I get very abrasive and impatient when my skin acts out. The fact that it takes weeks or months to get into a dermatologist (even as a current patient) doesn't make this any easier. OCD kicks in big time. I tend to go into "tunnel vision" mode, where I obsess over the possible cause and/or
  14. I wonder if these are more like cysts that have to be surgically removed or what?