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neverending nightmare

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  1. my acne is almost gone, i still have red marks, but theyre barely noticeable ( thanks, make up! ) i still feel soo ugly...although i dont have pimples any more, my skin doesnt look "very nice". i cant really explain it. maybe its because i have some hyperpigmentation well, i still feel sooo ugly. today i didnt go to my extra lessons. the one i love is there too and i didnt want to see him today, because i felt so ugly. ( the one i had a date with ) arg its all so complicated. i love him and i
  2. i often feel unhealthy when i look in the mirror too. the pimples, the dry skin...it makes me look kinda dull
  3. i think you can get acne from not eating enough nutrients too...
  4. i have the same problem...but i was suffering from an eating disorder which makes it extra difficult for me theres much food that i dont like and without the carbs id be starving again! its not that i eat a lot of junkfood - no! but almost everything that i eat makes me feel bloat ( not only sweets and junk food ) i hate it!
  5. he was rather quiet, but when i asked/told him something he always answered. we didnt have much eye contact...but that was my fault because i couldnt really face him....because of my skin i cant say much about his body language either. and he wasnt constantly facing me. but ok, hes shy too *sighs*
  6. we met yesterday it was ok....i think he didnt like it too much ._.' anyways today we talked on msn all day ~ as usual i think we're just friends
  7. i was just reading this topic again when i got a message from him -.- "Hello! Sorry but I can't go to the cinema with you today...My father suddenly forbade me to go out. He said someone would visit us today and I have to stay home. Please message me back." i dont know.... 2 hours before our meeting he sends me this message! I doubt its true... He probably doesn't want to meet me any more. Or hes too shy
  8. im meeting him tomorrow i hope i wont get any new pimples this night!! well...yes hes shy but im too ._."""
  9. arrrrghhhh!!! he said hes going to the movies on saturday and asked when i was going. i said "maybe on saturday too" he asked "which cinema? the one in X or the one in Z?" i said: "doesnt matter to me" "where will you go?" he said:" i dont even know IF ill go , because i dont know with whom!" that sentence made me insecure =/ also, it takes us like 30 minutes to answer now....lol THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!
  10. we almost have a date!!!! i wish i could just copy & paste the chat here, but its in german WISH ME LUCK!!!!! :D:D I LOVE YOU ALL! XD
  11. Thank you so much for your replies!!!!! =D he just told me that theres this new film and he wants to go to the movies to see it. but he didnt ask me to go with him....and then he just changed the subject. im so confused! i mean...how could he like meh? X_x
  12. i know him from school. we never talk there, because were too shy, but we talk on msn all day long. i just dont know if he "likes" me too =/ he wants to go to a festival soon, but none of his friends really wants to go with him, because they dont like that festival xD anyways, he said "my friends dont want to go with me..." " but i mustnt go alone" " ill just ask someone " and so on! of course all i wanted to say was "ILL GO THERE WITH YOU!" but im too shy xD and he didnt really ask me =/ im
  13. acne has made me depressed and i cant get out of my depressions I WANT TO LIVE like a normal teenager !! DAMN!