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  1. Hey, I'm currently on accutane at 40mg a day. I will be reaching my total cumalative dose of 120mg per kg by staying on it for 8 months, but I was curious if it would be better to raise the dose to my 1mg per kg a day recommended dose, or if 40mg should be as effective for long term or permanent remission as a higher dose, as long as I reach the cumulative dose. I was thinking of doubling the dose to 80 mg and staying on it for 4 months instead of 8 months at 40mg a day.
  2. Is body acne like acne on the face, in which it usually goes away for most people after they hit a certain age, or does body acne usually stay for life? EDIT: oops, I just realized I asked a very similar question a while ago heh
  3. Hi, I didn't mean the scars. I mean will the active acne ever go away?
  4. Hey everyone, i've been looking around the site for a while and decided to make an account. I've been suffering with body acne since I was about 13 and I am now 19. Around 16 it was at its worst and would consider it to have been moderate-severe. Now the active acne has gone down quite a bit and i'd say it is around mild to moderate active acne, but I have a lot of scars and red marks left from old breakouts that make it worse. I was wondering, mainly responses from the older members who have al