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  1. Thank you VERY much guys!! I have supplies of these crap Erythromycin pills to last me until 11th March, so I'm booking a doctors appointment for then, tro try and get something better. I'll mention the stuff you suggested.
  2. Thanks for replying. I have no idea what all that red crap is.. I probably will go back to the docs.. And HopeEternal - THANK YOU.
  3. This is my face. (Click the link) I've been on the regimen for 7 months...my skin improved quite a bit. I'm on antibiotics from the doctor (Erythromycin) and they're doing nothing. The regimen seems to have done all it can, but I'm still using it as a preventative measure, so my skin doesn't hugely worsen again. Should I: a) Go back to the doctors and BEG for accutane. Would it work? b) Wear a bag on my head for all eternity. c) Kill myself d) Other, please explain... P.S. Sorry about the pi
  4. Delna - you deserve an award!!! My skin's looking fab! It's really smooth, I no longer need 5 inches of foundation, thank you SO MUCH!! I'm going to carry on with it though, to keep my skin lovely! Plus, last weekend I was scouted by a model agency THANK YOU DELNA!!!!
  5. Oxy on the Spot's also a complete rip-off..it's nearly £5 for a tube that runs out in about a week! I love Quinoderm 5%! Be careful with Quinoderm 10% though - I bought it by accident once, and it hurts like hell.
  6. Update after 2 weeks of this regimen - My skin is lovely and soft accross my cheeks, and the pores are much tighter. Skin on my cheeks almost looks *shock horror* normal!!! Red marks on my forehead hugely faded. Unfortunatly I had a huge breakout about a week ago (my time of the month ) And I got more red marks from that. But the way this is going at the moment they should be looking better soon! I especially love the mask!!
  7. Yay - all the red marks on my forehead are practically gone! The pores on my cheeks and nose are tighter, and my skin tone has evened out considerably! Unfortunatly I've broken out all over the bottom of my forehead because it's my..time of the month..grrrr. But I'm going to persivere, it's a great regimen!!
  8. ORANGE foundation. I have really pale skin, and I bought the wrong colour. I couldn't take it back, so I just wore it anyway, because I thought anything was better than showing my spots to the world. I looked like an orange for days!
  9. This regimen is amazing! I've only been doing it 3 days, and my skin feels like silk! And the huge red marks which were all over my forehead have faded dramatically! THANK YOU DELNA!!!
  10. It is really good, it's the only stuff that stops my skin totally flaking! I love the stuff! Not actually sure why it contains Urea, I thought that was the stuff in urine! But anyway, I try not 2 think about that, it's great moisturizer!
  11. Sorry, rant coming up... My Acne's never been considered severe enough for pills or anything, it's not bad enough for accutane, so when I found the regimen I thought I might finally have a chance to get rid of it and be able to live my life again. The first month and a bit, nothing really improved, but then it started to get loads better. But I've been on the regimen since August 1st, I've spent SO much on (very overpriced in the UK) tubes of BP, and I still look DREADFUL. I only have one or tw
  12. Same here, but I think I was just allergic to the moisturizer, coz I tried a new brand and it was ok.
  13. Out of my school year of about 300 - I'm the ONLY one with bad acne. I get told all the time not to worry, and that acne is something that all teenagers get. Yeah right! Most of my friends have had like one spot in their entire life! It's not fair!!!!! Or they have this tiny red mark you can't even see, and go round all day complaining about how bad it looks and using concealer every 5 minutes, it makes me sick. I don't think they're ever trying to make me feel worse, but it really does.
  14. People at school always tell me I wear too much make-up, I get called a slut and stuff, but then the days I come in wearing hardly any, everyone's like "Eww, what's wrong with your face? Don't you wash?" So I can't win really.