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  1. Listen everyone, I apologize if you took offense to this thread. I had not meant nor intended to give anyone the feelings that are coming up. I had been used recently, physically and emotionally and I blamed it on something shallow. I apologize to anyone I offended and I especially apologize to Chris and Lyssa. This whole thread is not being helpful to anyone.
  2. This is what I mean Chris I'm saying that guys are users when they find a girl they think is pretty and don't care to know more about her. I'm easily impressed because I've had such bad self esteem I'm not saying "hey look at me, I'm hot" I'm saying to remember that personality should always come first.
  3. I'm speaking for people who are in my situation. A lot of people are doing it to get attention from the opposite sex or are excited for the chance to get that attention. I'm giving a warning that looks obviously aren't everything.
  4. My appearance has gotten pretty good. Acnes clearing Lost like ten pounds (when i really didn't need to and didn't try to) And now I get lots of guys attention. Which is what I wanted...now I don't. I have been used so much for my looks these last few months that I don't even know if the change in my appearance is more of a blessing or a curse. All I'm saying is be careful what you wish for.
  5. I'm alright, definitely have been better.

  6. yeah it has :P how have you been?

  7. heyy its been a while.

  8. I've realized that because I have been drinking a lot these past few weeks, I keep forgetting to take off my makeup and wash my face and whatnot making my acne worse
  9. arg, it was freaking hot today! where are all these clouds you speak of?

  10. Nope, I wish I was though. It has been so cloudy everywhere!

  11. are you from california alliejay?

  12. Thank you very much!

  13. AllieJay is a splendid name.

  14. Hey so when I began minocycline my dermatologist warned me that my acne would "get worse before it got better." I am into the third month and my acne is starting to clear, but my doctor said if it doesn't get even better he's going to switch my antibiotic. Will this make my acne worse AGAIN before it gets even better?
  15. When I go tanning I wash off my makeup and then I run errands afterward, people really don't look that badly at me but I don't do it often