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  1. Ok... I know I just posted earlier today, but I am posting again! I mentioned that I wasn't needing to apply the Aquaphor as often because my lips don't feel as chapped. The weird thing is that around 5 pm, my lips started feeling really numb again, and it seemed like I had "bits" peeling off of them. I did use Aquaphor on my lips earlier, but I just wasn't applying it as much. How could my lips change so dramatically in a few hours? This chapped feeling just came on all of a sudden. The numbn
  2. Day 27 My skin remains pretty much the same, although I still notice the weird blackheads that almost scrape away (they are pretty raised above the surface of my skin). Additionally, the most dryness I have experienced is on either side of my nose and above my upper lip. It could just be my imagination (or maybe I have gotten used to it??), but my lips don't feel as chapped as before. I am not applying the Aquaphor as often as before. When I first started the Accutane, my lips felt almost numb.
  3. Wanted to ask which Lancome foundation you're using? I heard Teint Idole is good but havent tried it. I've been using Estee Lauder but am trying EverydayMinerals, but feel it wont provide enough coverage for my redmarks I'll check on u again soon..good luck!
  4. Thanks for your support! My skin used to be a lot worse when I was younger. Without some sort of regimen, it gets pretty bad too. My problem is it just doesn't go away! I just got tired of dealing with it, so I am hoping the Accutane gets rid of my acne forever!
  5. Day 24 Hello everyone I haven't had a chance to post this week, because I am back at school this week studying graphic design. My skin had a breakout, and I got a cystic pimple right between my eyes on my lower forehead. Thank god it happened on Friday and my skin has been healing this weekend. I am finding that I am still getting pimples but they seem to go down in size quicker than before. My skin is also not oily, even when I have been outside in muggy weather for hours. Additionally, a lot
  6. Hiya, I am on 40 mg for now. I have no idea if he is planning to increase my dosage at some point
  7. Day 20 Today my skin is about the same as yesterday except I now feel a lot of little blackheads on the surface of my skin. Before, I guess they were there, but they didn't feel so prominent. Is this a normal effect of Accutane? They don't look really bad, but they are definitely more noticeable. I am feeling upset with myself about losing the form the dermatologist gave me one month ago to have another blood test to make sure my liver and cholesterol are ok at the free medical clinic (I live
  8. Day 19 Well, my face broke out a little the other day-- one cystic one on my upper neck, one on my cheek and one on my chin. My skin is still not looking too bad, though. The day before last, I woke up in the morning and found my skin had HUGE flakes coming offf of it next to my nose on one side, along my cheek going down to my chin area. I washed my face and rubbed a bit with the towel-- that was a mistake, as my skin became quite red and irritated, especially next to my nose. I have started u
  9. Day 15 Hello everyone. I am just starting my third week of Accutane, and so far it hasn't been too bad. The last few days I have noticed my eyes are kind of bloodshot and my right eye feels somewhat dry, especially if I sit in front of the computer for too long. My skin is not oily and a little dry, and around my nose it is peeling some. I put some Cerave lotion there and the dryness has disappeared. I have had no cystic acne for the past week. I think the Accutane is already having quite a po
  10. Ok, so I am on my 11th day of taking Accutane. So far, there have not been any really bad side effects. Funnily enough, I expected the side effects to start up from day one, but for the first week, I experienced next to nothing. Week One Side Effects: slight headache some of the time, lips starting to feel slightly dry and kind of numb after about Day 5. I used to wear lipstick quite a bit, but my lips feel really strange, so I am now just using Aquaphor on them and sometimes putting a lip penc
  11. Hello everyone! I am a 37 year old longterm acne sufferer who recently decided (after years of taking antibiotics, spending $1000's on special soap and prescription acne creams) to try the Accutane solution. When I was a teenager, my acne was pretty bad-- cysts on my face, back, upper arms and chest. I think I tried tetracycline for a brief time as a teenager, but it wasn't until I was around 25 that I decided to really try to tackle my acne problem. Luckily, my skin does not scar terribly easy
  12. I am starting tonight. Hopefully it will go well! I have bought some Cetaphil Cleanser. I am going to stick with my old moisturizer, Neutrogena SPF15 oil free moisturizer, but I am not sure if it will be enough to help the dry skin I hear about. Will see...