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  1. Thanks for the post skizzer. Question, weren't those users female though? I believe it's easier for women to regrow hair after accutane damage. My hair strands are pretty much just all thinner post accutane, I lose some hairs when I shower and run my hand through my hair too. I ended up buying the hairmax lasercomb - ill let you all know how that goes, and am taking a b-complex vitamin. Makes for a pretty wierd look, I ended up just buzzing my hair off (level 1 clippers)
  2. Hey guys, thx for contributing all the good info on this thread. Has anyone tried this lasercomb for their hair loss/thinning following accutane? [Edited link out] Just wondering. I was on 80mg of accutane for 3.25 months, quit early, but looks like I now have permanent thinning and hair loss. Just trying to see if anyone has tried the comb.
  3. yea, go on a low dose or don't get on accutane. I was prescribed 80 mg, took it for 3.25 months, now it looks like i have permanently thinned hair. I just shaved my head the other day to try to make it look ok best of luck with your decision
  4. cool yo, I wish you the best with it
  5. Ohh man, I used to work with a group of programmers and now with a team of systems administrators - the time spent sitting down can't be good for anyone, and I'm sure accutane aggravates this. I am the least active I've ever been in my life, which is horrible, but I started going back to the gym and use the elliptical for cardio and no impact to my joints. I started taking fish oil supplements too to see if that helps. I have decided to quit and add more exercise to my weekly routine. I di
  6. Hey guys, Just wondering if you all had tailbone pain during, and permanently after quitting accutane. I was on accutane for 3.25 months, 80mg, 147lb male, 24yr , was prescribed 80 mg for 6 months by my crazy derm but decided to quit taking the drug 1 week ago. Have you all experienced this during and permanently after accutane? Just wondering. It's not too bad and a good reminder for me to not take this drug again. It only really hurts if I sneeze, "clench my buttcheeks" (sounds funny I k
  7. Thx for the responses guys. I've been reading these forums for a while and rarely post. There is a lot of good info on here. It's good to take the information (good news and bad news) and make the best of it.
  8. Thank you for posting. I just now decided to stop, I must have taken about 3.5 months worth of tane (80 mg a day) - prescribed 6 months..... I just don't feel it's worth it and I'd rather deal with the acne then possible long term side effects. Also, I think my derm prescribed too much for me and he also prescribed antibiotics and lipitor too - so it just came to be too of a nuisance for me. I understand derms need to make a profit and keep me coming back, but I kinda felt like this doc want
  9. Hey guys, just wondering if you're lips stayed dry after completing your course of accutane. Did they return to normal, almost normal? Still dry - how did they turn out? Just wondering if this goes away when you are done. Me: 24yr male prescribed 80 mg for 6 months 145lbs Decided to stop w/ 3.5 months worth of accutane
  10. Thanks for your posts guys, I am def gonna make even more changes to my diet, more exercise, fish oil supplements, etc.... Abfabany, kinda a fun situation to be in ey? I'm going to discontinue the tane, it's like I'm exchanging one problem for much more problems. I can always try to get on tane again if I need to. But I'm more concerned about this now. I really don't want to get on lipitor, and be on two meds... and deal with more problems. Oh yea, check out this dermatology site wh
  11. Thx for the info Wynn. I'm going to stop the accutane too and see how things go.
  12. I have been eating ok, but not well. Cheerios in the mornings, a big lunch during work, then small snack (fruits vegetables) when I get home. Drinking on the weekends though, 3-4 drinks a night. Went on a 14 hour fast before I took the blood test. Forgot to mention, I just started exercising again like 4 weeks ago, but only 2-3 days out of the week, 30 min of cardio. Only drink water (or alcohol on weekends)
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering what you guys think about this. I've been on 80 MG accutane for 3 months, (me = 145 lbs dude). I started out with triglyceride levels in the low 100s, I went in today for results of my triglyceride test and they are now a better number of 500 something.. lol So...oh well that sucks, the derm perscribed me lipotor to lower the triglyceride levels. He says 1 out of 500 patients he has seen has this happen, not sure if he is sincere or not. I'm thinking about quitting
  14. What side effects did you have? How long were you on it?