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  1. The reasoning I assume is to disinfect the blades. Bacteria can survive on metal for long periods of time so I guess keeping the blades in, or at least dipping them in alcohol before shaving, would help kill off any bacteria living on them.
  2. Free radicals are a pretty big deal. They cause cell aging and are linked to cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and schizophrenia. Our bodies naturally produce free radicals due to the metabolic process. The "free radicals" become very reactive to the oxygen in the atmosphere and that is why you age. Antioxidants, found in green tea for example, bond to the reactive chemicals and prevent them from binding to the reactive oxygen. That is why green tea is good for aging and acne. Here's s
  3. Wow, what a great idea! I will try this for sure! Also, I have a different question. How often do you guys shave? I used to shave once a day, but have now started shaving every over day. No real difference...
  4. Yeah the placebo effect is seen in almost any kind of health condition. The difference between just wishing your acne away is that it would be hard to convince yourself that actually works. As opposed to that, if a doctor gave you a sugar pill, you may think that is actual medicine and in a sense wish yourself into better health. Stress (as mentioned in the above post) is a common problem in most aliments so once you remove that a little bit, it is amazing what the results can be. Good luck!
  5. What I tend to do after I finish cleaning myself in the show is I shave my face right in the shower. I clean the shaver off with cold water and then put cold water on my face to get the shaving cream off. This helps my shaving (the blades move easier for some reason) and it makes my skin look better. I just started doing this this week so maybe it will help you guys too. Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about that.
  6. Stop picking right now! What helped me stop picking was just stopping. That doesn't really make much sense... Well, I got into a habit of picking my face every day before taking a shower. Then I decided I was going to stop this and stopped. After I broke the habit, it was a lot easier. Also, try to force yourself to not look into the mirror, or at least not very closely in the mirror. When I look at my face too closely, I can't help but see all the imperfections and it just gives me horrible i
  7. Hi! Does anybody have experience creating their own acne products at home? I can start: I typically create my own moisturizer by mixing tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E oil together in about equal proportions. This, along with two-times daily wash, is currently all I use to combat my acne. How about you? Has anybody used this same formula that I am using? I have been thinking of adding more things to my mixture to see what will happen to my acne. Some things I have been thinking of mix
  8. I spend a lot of time in front of the computer nowadays due to work. Some days it gets to be in excess of 12 hours. Besides being unhealthy for other reasons, does being in front of the computer screen cause acne? I saw a South Park episode recently where the characters play some video game too much and then develop acne, and it got me thinking about this. I have not really been able to find any information one way or another. Anyone know?
  9. Haha. Thanks for the support (good luck to you too!). I tried something I found on here that is basically just using water since I though adding all that bad stuff would just be causing more harm than good. I tried for a while after I quit BP, but my acne got even worst. At least if I put on tea tree oil I can control it more or less. I usually spot treat with ice, Zeno, or the Dessert Essence spot treatment thing. I just think it is strange that I am one of the only people I know that still ge
  10. I agree about the scabbing. I would get scabs quicker when I used BP, but at least the pimple would go away. I used to use both SA and BP, but decided to quit both and use more natural methods.
  11. So BP (benzoyl peroxide) is the most highly used acne product. I used to be a big supporter and user until I found out some of the cons. Dan is a big supporter. There does not seem to be a good complete discussion on the pros and cons of BP on this forum so I wanted to start one. What are some of the pros and cons in your opinion? Here's mine: Pros: Helps clear acne in most people Most-used acne product Lots of research has been done on it Dan supports it Cons: Bleaches clothes, pillows, and
  12. So I've been coming to this site for something like two years now and I have not really made one of these posts. I am just asking for advice because I hate acne and maybe someone can help me figure this stuff out. I'm a 22-year-old male. I have had acne for about four years now. Don't ask me why, but I never had any problems back in high school. Most of my acne is around where I shave. I sometimes decide to shave the small hairs I get between my eyebrows, but every time I do that I get acne the
  13. So I have a date tonight and obviously this morning is when my skin decides to break out all those annoying red bumps. Is there anything I can do that will improve it in some hours? I was thinking of doing an Asprin mask, but have been trying to get rid of putting anything on my skin minus cleanser, shaving cream, and my mixture of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil. I know the main point of this site is to try to get rid of acne, but all I really want right now is to make it look bett
  14. I had this problem too, but I ended up finding one at drugstore.com. The problem is that I think this razor is not being produced anymore. Hopefully they continue to make the blades though.