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  1. Thanks, guys for all your support. As for the questions. Yes, my scars are somewhat visible to the naked eye. But you have to come up really close......i mean really close to see them. My eating habits? No not really. I actually started eating more healthy than before. In fact i've always been eating healthy all my life. I'm a health fanatic. The only thing I could think of is stress. I had midterms coming up and the acne started to apear. Then by the end of finals......it spread like wild fire.
  2. I would just like to update on my scars. After my huge major peel that I did about one year ago, my skin was looking great. All my scars that I had trouble with were fading away nicely. That is because I would always put a dab of tca on the scar I would see. Soon I found myself, looking scarless. Well, I shouldn't say that. They were nicely plummed to the surface,even and not discolered that I thought they were gone. But then came a break out that happend this month. All the hard work....pain, e
  3. beverly, I know for a fact that if you treat your scars repetitively with acid peels that there will be great results. But your picking can only reverse or even damage the skin more. Please stop picking. It's the only way to improve your skin if you keep doing these treatments. Thank goodness nothing major happend to me when I picked from my first tca peel. I learned my lesson the first time. The last couple peels I did, I refused to pick. I kept telling myself, if I wait a couple more days I
  4. I like to add an update since its almost been a year since my experiment with tca's. I have to say I love acid peels. Without them, I don't know what I'll do! So after my experiment last year that sent my face looking like some burnt victim, I had to rest for 2 weeks. I refused to do anymore peels for a very long time. Then after a couple of months, I I only did spot treatments. I did them on my cheeks that had identations. I did two treatments on them with 20% tca. I have to say, I officially
  5. I would have to say # 1 is the worst. I don't mind the others.
  6. The peel did help with my ice picks. I personally think it helped my rolling and boxcars the best.
  7. Sharon- Ha, my derm doesn't even know. But now that I talked with my derm, I"m thinking about getting rid of my hyp before I do another peel. My makeup is not covering up my marks that well and its a pain. My family at first thought I was crazy when I did my first peel. Now that my face is back to somewhat normal they see how beneficial peels can be. So now there not worried if I do another peel. As long as the percentage of the tca is low and I'm only doing one or two layers. acnesuxx-Yup, ba
  8. I used to hide my scars and acne behind my hair too. Then my acne got out of control where i couldn't hide them anymore. Sad day it was when that came. At times I wish I could wear my hair like that one character off Adam's Family. So then nobody can see my skin.
  9. I finished taking accutane in February. The first month or so, it seemed like I didn't have any scarring at all. I felt like I've beaten acne and scarring at the same time. After the first month I noticed that I indeed have scars from my cystic acne. My derm should have prescribed or told me what I should have used so I wouldn't have scarred so bad.
  10. Hey, I'm glad that I'm not the only one that recieved awesome results on 20% tca. I'm thinking about doing another peel too. Probably around next week is when I'm planning on doing it. When are you going to do your next peel? What ointments did you use when you did your peel? Did you prep your skin with retinol before doing it?
  11. Ha, most people think I look like I"m 13-16! Hmm I don't know if its because of my red marks, scars though. I think when people are guessing your age, they are not only looking at your face. I knew this one girl that had really frizzy hair. You know how old people's hair looks like? Really dry, frizzyand puffy? Well she had that and top of that she dressed like she was living off the street. So everyone thought she was 30 when in reality she was 19! She also had pimples and scars but I personall
  12. Haha, all these pics were taken when I just woke up. So in some of them, I looked pretty angry. Lets just say i'm not a morning person. I"m ordering my mandelic serum tomorrow and hopefully my marks will fade dramatically in one month. Oh by the way, it seems like some of my scars that I thought wasn't going to get better did. It seems like my skin keeps getting better each day, including my scars and hyper. Just want to speed up my healing so I can look decent before I start school. I just
  13. I sure would like to know if this worked for anyone too. It's half mandelic acid and half malic acid. I was reading a post about how mandelic acid did wonders for there red marks so would MaMa lotion be better? Nobody really commented how this product worked or not in the past. So please anyone! Answer our questions!
  14. Those pics made me feel llike there is hope for redmarks fading. Thanks for posting them up. You are officially flawless! (as it looks like in your pics)