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  1. http://img405.imageshack.us/img405/4057/no...skroll00mu3.jpg The Australian knock-off is the worst :sick:
  2. yeah you're on the right track. You can make your own cream to address hyperpigmentation. That licorice extract astringent has glabridin so if you could find glabridin in powder form, just mix it with a toner or a neutrogena moisturizing cream. Some other compounds to consider: Arbutin - "natural" hydroquinone http://www.iherb.com/ProductDetails.aspx?c...id=505&at=0 Hydroquinone - I don't get the "carcinogen" stigma made by other countries. Personally I would still recommend it in lower % h
  3. Please test it out. I'm always talking to myself up in there lofty! http://www.acne.org/chat.php
  4. Hey Joel 0_0 could you test out the ajax chat? You can't see other chatters except yourself. Could you take a look at it? Thanks!

  5. No, what I meant was my IG's reacted to the probiotics, I probably had (or still have) leaky gut (intestinal hyperpermeability) that the good germies infiltrated my bloodstream, causing my antibodies to react violently, leading to the worst break out that I've ever experienced in 10 years of having acne. It was a full blown cystic acne experience from the scalp, face, arms, back and chest. I would never recommend probiotics to acne prone individuals unless you very well know your digestive syste
  6. you know after 10 years of having had acne, I've learned not to treat it as having a one cure fits all. It's comparable to biotin deficiency or hair loss which must be addressed specifically by knowing what caused it to begin with (if hair pulling, then stop braiding your hair; if eating too much egg whites caused your hair to thin, then stop eating egg whites and take biotin). My 2 cents is you have to treat the acne locally and KNOW what is causing your acne in the first place; by know I mean
  7. What about Hyperkeratinization? SweetJade also has been telling us that acne is an inflammatory disease. Even if you don't have thick skin or don't shed off normally as other people do, you may still get acne due to allergic reactions, inflammation - brought through cytokines, TGF, interleukins, IGg, PGE-2. With that said, it's not all about fructose and taurine. My theory is acne is rooted upon EITHER hyperkeratinization (thick skin / skin that doesn't regularly shed and blocks sebaceous duct
  8. I think they all do, but my theory is that they do not penetrate the epidermis deep enough to slough off the excess keratin that is blocking the sebaceous ducts. Could we take supplemental proteolytic enzymes that breaks down keratin? Maybe. I've tried taking pancreatin last two weeks ago (4 bucks a bottle) and seems to dry up the acne really fast. I got dry lips when I tried taking more than 2 pills at a time.
  9. ...about Acne research I meant, didn't mean to be subtle... my bad lol

  10. hey do you ever visit the chat section? i wanna talk about serious stuff

  11. So do we have to purchase a numbing cream separately? I'm gonna buy one now for the mother. Cool. How long does one have to endure redness? Four Months minimum? Thanks!
  12. This is too good to be true. Just buy Lidocaine cream for a topical anesthesia. So exactly how long are the needles going to be???