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  1. my initial breakout lasted for about 4-5 months... it was hard. Although its not worth going through to give up. I am now completely acne free and have been for about 8 months.
  2. Soo a little background... I had mild-moderate acne, got prescribed accutane by my derm at 40mg a day for first month then 80mg a day for the next 5. Im 23, and my weight fluctuates between 150-160 lbs, and I am about 4 1/2 months in, but have taken a total of about 10 days off throughout (one-two days at a time), so my treatment duration is closer to 5 months. I haven't really broke out at all in the past month minus a few pimples here and there that were still under the skin remnants from my h
  3. I started on like the 15th of september to fight my mild acne, 40mg first month and 80 after, and well as of right now it is pretty much worse than it has ever been in my life. Apparently it is normal so wtv... just gotta stick with it, im not going through this shit to give up. stay up!
  4. you took accutane for 9 days and your saying that 3 months later and your skin still isn't healing properly? That is impossible, its not the accutane.
  5. Day 15 Sooo its day 15 here, things have started to change a little. I have lots of clogged pores which seem to be turning into pimples, my skin is just not smooth right now and im pretty sure the IB is here, but wtv its not terrible... I haven't experienced any other side effects except for dry skin and lips, which is what the doctor told me would probably be the case. Met a friend of mine from the summer on thursday whom I treeplanted with, this turned out to be a bad thing because we both go
  6. Hi, sooo instead of doing a brutally boring essay due tomorrow I feel like starting this log is a good idea! I started my accutane course not to long ago, and I just popped my ninth pill. Ive been put on 40 mg for the first month, followed by 80 mg for the next 5. I'm a 23 year old guy, and have had mild/moderate acne for like 8 years. From like 17ish till maybe 21 my skin was pretty good and was almost completely clear and then for whatever reason it got worse and has been on and off since then
  7. The trouble is Doctors cannot sell a healthy diet, they are duty bound to hand out anti-biotics, so I guess there will never be an official figure as to who has got rid of acne through natural means. Plus, there is only a few of us here that seemed to have stuck with Paleo for the duration, and seen its benefit. I wouldn't, and haven't claimed Paleo is for everyone, but it's made me more than just 'healthy'. I haven't had skin like it since I was a young boy. I'm able to touch my face withou
  8. you have one small pimple? wouldn't worry, everyone gets pimples even people that have never had acne.
  9. I think it is good that you post this... I definitely feel like there are alot of people on here attributing a variety of health problems they are experiencing to their accutane experience without any real medical knowledge. There have been many medical studies done in which, even though the side effects were often difficult during the course, virtually all patients within 2 months will be free of these side effects.
  10. Hi, so a little background... have had acne for ever now, im a 22 y/o male, and I had pretty bad acne as a teenager, however around 18/19 it got alot better. Since then it has kind of been really up and down, going from good to bad over and over again. Right now I seem to be in a bad phase. My skin usually has two or three pimples, which aren't very big, but is covered in little colorless bumps especially my forhead and super blotchy and red. It looks like shit. Anyways, I have a year and half o
  11. is it bad to use a cleanser that contains alcohol???
  12. hey so heres my story and wondering if anyone could offer any insight... 20 had acne since i was 13, i remember this very well sooo i was on a family vacation in the carribean when i was 13 and had not a spot on my face and when i got back from my vacation my face exploded into acne like right after and since then for the most part ive had acne, and recently i went to mexico and before then i never really had any body acne and when i got back a day after i had it reallly bad and since then ive s