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  1. Popping a 7 head pimple would be pretty hard to do, and would probably leave a pretty serious red mark/scar. Try either icing it to reduce swelling, or using a hot compress for it to possibly pop by itself. If you want to, you can try spot-treating it with something
  2. I also just started using AHA and have experienced an initial breakout, so it might be normal. Ive decided to use it less often, as the introduction of a new product probably but stress on my skin. If I keep breaking out after 2-3 weeks I will probably stop using it, though.
  3. I keep getting the same zit in the same pore over and over (right in between my eyebrows). Could this be happening because of popping it over and over?I use the suggested sterilized needle method.
  4. If bp is working for you, why change treatments? Unless your acne is very very mild, I think having your face feel somewhat different is a sacrifice you should be willing to make. Changing from product to product is unlikely to get you anywhere, especially after you've found the one that works for you. In terms of other methods, this forum is saturated with them. You can check treatment reviews, personal regimen logs, etc. and find which one seems best for you
  5. If your acne was clear when you went to the dermatologist I don't understand why he/she would even think about accutane at that time
  6. I would try the massage-before cleansing method and if you want to apply jojoba oil after the bp as well.
  7. The regimen has greatly reduced the lifespan of the whiteheads and whatnot on my face. However, once a particularly large whitehead heals it often leaves a flat-red mark in its place. I've had the same red marks for about a month now, though they have been fading slightly. Its kind of annoying because they look like typical "acne" but upon closer inspection they are completely inactive. What is the best way to speed up the healing of the red marks? I've heard that the AHA is good but I really d
  8. Its ridiculous to claim that bp can cause your acne to persist into adulthood. There is absolutely no evidence of this besides someone stopping the regimen for a few days and then having a breakout. I doubt that said person was using the regimen from puberty (13-18) to complete adulthood (23+), when most of you can't even stay on it for even a month without losing faith. The way I see it, any drastic change you make to the chemicals on your face will cause you to break out. This appl