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  1. happend to me. i stopped fapping it. try that.
  2. im the same way. i do mixed martial arts 2 days during the week and weekends. i have had to dial it down to one day a week because i get so sore afterwards. ihave ran on accutane and it was terrible. i stopped runnign completely. mixed martial arts isnt so bad, i get sore but not as bad as i get from running. i am taking fish oil also. only ave 24 more days left so soon it will all be over.
  3. nosebleeds all day for me. but i dont have the run out of your nose blood. i just have dried up boogers in my nose, so if i were to pick them or stuff a tissue up my nose and twirl it, it will have blood on it. other havent experienced actual blood runnign otu of my nose. its def the accutane. hang in there. im on month 4. just picked up my last prescription for month 5. i cant wait to be off of it. its hard to be on it and stay active. nose bleeds are nothign compared to the soreness youll enco
  4. sore back, whole body, chapped lips. ya it all sucks but my skin is clear. i am almost 4 months into it. i cangt wait to be done though. its hard to stay acive and be sore..bla bla bla... but ya i am happy i dont have acne. just hope it stays that way
  5. that was normal for me. i didnt start clearing up until after a month in a half or so... hang in there. things will get better.
  6. ive drank here and there while on my medication for special occasions, like weddings ect... each time i went to get my blood tests my results were fine. you should be fine with one night of drinking. live it up and have fun
  7. Cerave i use the moisturizer(blue bottle) and face wash (green bottle). the face wash is really hydrating. it feel like your washing your face with lotion. its very gentle which is exactly what you need.
  8. have you moved? what made my acne flair up was moving from fl to co. i went from the setam room to the suana. that mixed with the face products that i was using, aggitated my skin and sparked my downward spiral. if i had known climate was going to be a factor i would have changed my facial products to something more suiting for the climate. by the time i found out it was too late and i was in line picking up my first subcription for accutane.
  9. dry lips, dry boogers/bloody nose, sore/fatigue, skin breaks easily, lower back pain and right now i am experiencing my first headache. i don tknow if its the accutane or from mma. i got put in a triagle choke hold for the first time. maybe its that, who knows. just took some ib profen. hope it psses soon. not a fan of a headache.
  10. no matter what i do my lips peel and peel and peel. i live in colorado so on top of the accutane i have to deal with the dry climate. i cant wait to get off this stuff, but until then just got to ride it out. its embarrassing going everywhere with my lips shining like no other because i have so much vaseline lubed on. but whatever, the accutane is workign, and hopefuully i will maintain the results when im off of it. just do your thing. lube up. make yourself comfortable, and get through it as b
  11. thats normal. i like when that happens becasue i can physically see that my skin is renewing itself. you want that man. your on your way to success. just keep moisturing during the day when your in public. thats when you dont want it. hang in there
  12. whatever shaving cream you use, let it set on your face for about 10 min. this will give it time to soften the hairs on your face for a smoother, cleaner shave. when your hairs arent soften by the shave cream, your attempt to shave those stiff hairs depending on your skin and hair type, the direction you shave pushes the point of the hair back into the skin causing the ingrown hairs. some people are more sensitive then others. i know a guy who dry shaves, which is rediculous, i could never do
  13. hang in there, i didnt start clearing until mid month 2. keep the faith, keep popping the pills and just hold on.