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  1. Dude, it sounds cheesy, but go for being freinds first, it is so much more fun dating a freind than a girl you dont know much about.
  2. I'd say dont do anything, you have a good thing going with this chick, not worth losing, just be patient, but at the same time dont let another dude walk in and step on your turf, she'll notice if you protect your interests and may even decide she wants to make a move. I would just recomend keeping it cool until its obvious to both of you that your already a couple, then all you have to ask her is if its ok that you call her your girlfreind, thats been my approach, only done it twi
  3. AUHHGG, I have to share what just happend to me like 2 seconds ago, I have just gott'n home and fire up the computer to check my e-mail, while it was firing up i put loads of BP on my face becouse of my horrible break out after last night. I hear a knock at the door and think that is just my guy nieghbor wanting to finish the conversation we started this morning. I open the door and it is my Super Sexy 17 yr old nieghbor and her freinds dressed up as very provacative cheerleaders and one tha
  4. Thats awsome having having an article published in a newspaper, especialy on somthing that effects so many people. I'd think anyone who see's it would read it, even the people without acne. and dont mind Alex, he's kinda crude, but he's probobly just a kid agian congrats bart
  5. Maybe its a case by case basis. I happen to think it makes my acne kick up a notch, but it does'nt seem to bother others. If you cut off all your dairies though, I would recomend taking a calcium supplement in there place becouse you dont want weak bones
  6. Janes Addiction is a band, I think the phrase "I'm not a virgin anymore" might be in one of there songs yea, I have cystic acne right on my cheek for everyone to see, not fun, you'll want to have it taken care of soon (I need to take that advice as well)
  7. Its been a long time since I took Micro, but Oz check out which bacteria can survive Hydrochloric acid, I'd assume there the same type ascociated with stomach ulcers, find out how they react to O2 or H2O2 (sorry I was getting lost at which one yall were saying killed bacteria) If it'll take care of those bacteria, maybe your on to somthing, otherwise I still dont see any advantage to drinking deluted H2O2. Also, hydrogen peroxide has been around a while, its probobly been thoroughly tested
  8. They only simuler thing I had was when I was like scrubbing my face raw to get rid of acne (bad move dont do it), my face would swell up and make me talk funny
  9. Hey guys, I had shingles awile back ago, is that the same virus as chicken pox, I read somwher it was, but it realy was'nt a creditable source
  10. Dude, you could be like the first person to try and then let us know, go for it, do it do it do it DOOO it
  11. You need to take a long look in the mirror and shout I AM A SUPA FLY SEXY BIOTCH EVEN WITH ACNE uhmm.. yea, I'ved looked in the mirror and thought that
  12. I agree, and arrogence was too strong a word, I guess I just ment that if you are trying to help or encourage others to take notice you have to be more appealing, does that make sence?
  13. when you take a quote from a noted source and combine it or follow it with arrogence, it loses alot of credibility hmm, arrogence is too strong a word, hope I did'nt step on any toes
  14. Here, to make up for chivlrylessness, you can have the bed and I'll fight for the couch :grumble grumble: (damn girl kicks me out of my own bed OR expects to be walked home) :grumble grumble: