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  1. i was booked in and due to have the biopsy taken in a few weeks. I have cancelled it now - I'm not sure about the whole 2 injections one month apart - Isologen have changed to this as they are suggesting it is better - but Dr.Chu mentioned that he thought it was a way for them to make more money, plus this is a new technique for injecting which may or may not be as successful as the 3 injections - we dont know yet, we just have isologens word Plus the extra injections at £1700 each I think
  2. I've had more NLITES since my last post and continue to be a fan of the laser, it really has helped my shallow scarring and skin texture. I would agree about the higher settings seem to have given better results Plus Dr.Chu now has the new NLite V machine as of a couple of weeks ago
  3. I've had two subscisions and to be honest the first one I was disappointed with - the second one though was MUCH better and I would say combined with NLITE the scars on my right cheek have improved by at least 50% I am booked into have more subscision in January - with further NLITEs and would recommend it to anyone that has a good doctor (I see Dr.Chu)
  4. I've been on it a year now and have no intension of coming off it. Dr.Chu gave me the impression I would be on it long term, no problems This and Duac are my favourite topicals
  5. personally I use Isotrexin gel (retin-a + erothro) and I love it.. have to use a good moisuriser with it to keep the skin healthy... but has done wonders for my skin so far
  6. I'd second that, been on antibiotics fairly long term and I find a pro biotic essential
  7. this could be a sign of a yeast overgrowth Dr.Chu said it's quite common with antibiotics for this to happen He prescribed Dactacort.. which was ok.. but generally I've found the duac I use keeps it under control and out of sight
  8. I would agree my scars almost disappear when I use fake tanner... though using one that won;t break you out is essential!!!
  9. krysuk


    had a look at the site... looks promising.. if perhaps a little 'too good to be true'? I still have minor active active (as in 1/2 tiny pimples at one time) would this break me out? I use retin a at night, it says on the site it is ok to use it together, but the retin-a is not necessary after you start this I use the retin a for my acne, so would it really be ok to use this? I thought microdermabrasion didn't work very well for acne scars - as they just come back?
  10. I have had multiple NLITE treatments - the only time it was anywhere near effective for acne was when I was having regular 2 weeks sessions .. on it's own I don't really rate it for value for money - sorry
  11. when I started it I had been on antibiotics for my moderate to severe acne for a few months which had some of it under control, but they were beginning to stop working... so I was changed to a different antibiotic and the isotrexin at the same time.. It was the middle of summer and a very hot period, followed shortly after by a trip to Brazil which was even hotter!! The first month I broke out LOADS, but it calmed down after that Not really sure if it was the Isotrexin that broke me out or the h
  12. I've been using it religiously every night since last august... personally I think it's great, but also think it's necessary to use oral antibiotics to combat the issue (which I'm also on) My skin is the best it has been since before puberty (some 16 years ago!!)
  13. I used and am still using Isotrexin... since august last year Just before bed... to be honest I like it a lot I HAVE to moisturise in the morning though otherwise my skin begins to irritate due to dryness... had a few breakouts the first month but I kept going... Just don't use too much BUT I much prefer the DUAC cream I use in the morning - only been using it about 2 months but this BP/antibiotic cream generally helps clear up any problems quicker then when I was using just the Isotrexin on it
  14. I usually take the first antibiotic when I get up and then the probiotic about half an hour later I know they are meant to be counter acting each other, but given what I experienced some of those good bacteria must be surviving!! )
  15. Back to the original article it doesnt state which laser they are talking about - smoothbeam, nlite etc... I've been having nlite treatments with dr.chu and I see a lot of patients in the clinic with bad acne that he uses it on. I don't think it is a cure all, but used in combination with antibiotics and topicals it can be useful