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  1. i can't remember what alternative i was allergic to, but i think that it was the most popular one or something.
  2. i'll start with acupuncture- i didn#t go specifically for my acne, i went because of headaches. this helped my headaches so much, what was at least once every two days turned into 3 days a month. for acupuncture, i had to go once a week, and it was quite expensive. but it was worth it! my skin cleared up a lot, even though he wasn't specifically treating it. i think it's because acupuncture helps your immune system as well, so it helped my complexion. my acupuncturist looked at my skin as how my
  3. a friend of mine had really bad acne, and he went to an allergist and was put on a strict diet. a few weeks later, he has extremely clear skin. so i decided to do the same thing for my headaches. i went and i was told that i was allergic to wheat - not yeast, wheat. which meant that i could only have an extremely narrow diet. where i live, if you want a good enough choice of wheat-free options, you've got to drive at least 30 minutes. it's very expensive and i hated the extremely dry wheatfree
  4. hi there, botchla's regimen sounds really good, but i can't find the clean and clear 10% bp wash in ireland, which i'm presuming is the same as in britain. i went to an international website to order it, but the shipping is a bit too expensive - it costs $22, so if i wanted the product it would cost $30 altogether. does anybody know of a website with cheaper shipping (such as a uk one) or where to get it? thanks, and please reply! grainne
  5. hi there, i'm about to use this regimen due to all of the positive feedback, and plus my acne isn't too bad so i'm hoping that it won't get any worse. the thing is, 1) i'm in germany at the moment, and they don't seem to have clean and clear here. i think though that it may be under another name - bebe young care. the blackhead clearing wash you describe sounds very similar, and i think that johnson and johnson make bebe young care. i've also used a moisturiser from it (it's for under your eyes
  6. how can you stop your immune system from responding?
  7. hi, i tried the overnight gel but it dried out my skin so much i could only use it for a night or two in a row. maybe i should have kept it on continuously, and maybe i will try it that way, since the you're supposed to do that with the bp so maybe it would work with sa too. i'm not sure though, maybe it's worth a try if the bp gel isn't working for you? i'm new to all of this, but desparate to get rid of my acne!
  8. my friend has just gone on the pill for her acne. i think it's a special type, that people take to limit sebum formed and if they have excess facial hair. it's not supposed to be taken solely as contraception, it's especially for acne i think. has anybody taken it and been successful? i'm thinking of bringing it up with my doctor because having lighter periods would be a nice side effect too! the bad thing is that there are other side effects and i used to get migraine every once in a while. it
  9. hi there, i'm about to start the regimen for my acne, and i would like to have a headstart on which products to get. which ingredients should i avoid, and which ones should i look out for? i have always used exfoliating facewashes with SA in them, but my skin has never cleared up completely. i would like to know the right moisturisers, cleansers and bp creams/gels to use. thanks for your help! grainne
  10. hi, so does that mean that you can use SA while using BP, as long as you don't mix them together? eg. can you use SA for your blackheads on your nose and BP for your spots on your chin?
  11. oh, and as well, thinking about it- the only time when my acne went away completely, where i had no new spots at all was when i took penicillin for a week when i had a sore throat. that was such a nice time! but my sister is completely against antibiotics, since you can get immune to them and then if you get really sick you won't be able to fight it.
  12. thanks for your welcome, yeah, i think I'm going to try the regimen, i'm praying that it will work! it's amazing how much your self esteem will go down with acne, even if you only have a few spots. what i find the worst is when people call you vain for wanting to have clearer skin. can you only get bp gel in commercial products or would the average chemist sell it, like the way you can get alcohol, if you get me? also, have many people here had much success by going on the pill?
  13. last year, i bought a purple eyeliner, and it's become my trademark! i have brown eyes like you, and decided to experiment with eyeliners. i found this brightish purple one by clinique, and i wear it most days. i still get compliments for it, even though i've been wearing it for a year! i just line the bottom of my eye with it and forget about it. it seems to work! also, white eyeliner also complements anybody's eyes
  14. hi there, this is my first time doing research on the internet about acne, and this is the first website that i've come across. i'm really desperate to get rid of my acne, which is on my chest, back and t-zone. i've tried lots of things over the past 4 years such as exfoliants (they always seemed to work the best), spot gels, drying face washes, anti biotic gels, you name it, if it's over the counter, i've tried it. i've also tried about 3 antibiotic gels from doctors. my acne is moderate - it's