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  1. Thanks. I'll try that. It seems like they will then come to the surface though and possibly inflame. I guess I could ice them while they are approaching to keep inflammation away.
  2. I am confused. I have been reading a lot of posts on here searching "white bumps under the skin" and I found some stuff, but dont know if what I have is the same. Most people are talking about white plugs or bumbs that are on their nose or chin or cheek, the oily areas. Mine are in the areas that get dry if I'm taking too much sun, use something drying on my skin, or in the pool too much, etc....like specifically the folds b/w the nose and mouth and the jawline. You can't see them at all eve
  3. I had been using Benzaclin one night and a .025 retinoid cream mixed with a moisturizer the next, alternating. I didn't experience any severe initial breakout (only a slight one), and I went from getting frequent breakouts to getting one pimple a month, but I wanted to smooth out my skin more and minimize pores, improve texture etc, so I asked for a higher retinoid and told the derm that I didn't experience any peeling with the .025, so he gave me Tazorac .05. I still didn't experience any pee
  4. I have been using Benzaclin and Minocycline now since early September (3 1/2 months). I added the retinoid cream to the regimen mid October (I was afraid to use it after hearing horror stories on here). I had been using Dan's BP regimen for just a month before seeing the derm and that was actually going pretty good, but I said, hey if the derm can make it better-why not? Anyway, so I've been on the retinoid for 2 months. I had no initial breakout in the first month, maybe a very slight one
  5. What BCP did you go on? I'm still nervous, b/c I've been reading all these posts about the disasters of the IB, and Dan's personal acne history is discouraging towards using Retin-A's. I'm just scared the IB will be very bad, will leave scarring, and last, won't go away. Some people report that they continue to break out 6 months in. Thanks for the replies though! Your experiences help me to make a decision.
  6. So I've been using Dan's regimen but with the Acne Free 3.7% repairing lotion as my benzoyl peroxide, it's been 5 weeks, and it seems to be working pretty good (but it could just be the summer weather and time in the sun and ocean, the real test comes in the next few weeks when the weather changes - I always break out then). I had scheduled a derm appt. b/c I really did want to supplement with an oral antibiotic or birth control and keep doing the regimen, but I did not express that, I just nod
  7. wow...it does look dramatically different...unless that was a picture from before the other one
  8. I seem to have read everything, all the message boards, informational websites, procedures, seen the photos before and after. However, it seems that nothing is even a near guarantee to improve scars. You would think that laser treatment would be the way to go, as that is what every other site and doctor out there would tell you, but then you come on here, and it seems that 8 out of 10 people who have gotten the treatments done have seen little to no results after spending thousands of dollars.