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  1. Yea i know how you feel, i mean i felt this way too this morning because there were a couple of red marks from squeezing a couple of whiteheads. I felt so depressed on the bus to school, and i don't even have active acne. Sigh..i feel weak compared to most of you.
  2. Yup last friday i got a small but noticable pimple on my nose and honestly if it was anywhere else on my face i would just leave it, but since it was on my nose i decided to pop. Nothing came out the first time so i just left it but i was thinking about it for the whole weekend hoping it would be gone by monday. Luckily it got smaller and wasn't as bad by monday so i was relieved.
  3. Why would you be afraid of the rain? At least the rain can wash off the oil on my face, but i do regret not bringing an umbrella cause it was pouring outside and i was totally soaked by the time i got home.
  4. Looking at the mirror doesn't make me wanna cry, it makes me wanna break the mirror, which is why i try to avoid the mirror as much as possible, especially those with good lighting.
  5. Wow Super Cute!! :wub: Anyways here's me, hmm i guess i forgot to remove my headphones...
  6. For me being clear is no pimples, red marks, scars, blackheads and whiteheads. For me i don't think i'm clear but i'm hoping to get there some day, I don't have anymore pimples and blackheads, but i do have some red marks and i get a couple of whiteheads every now and then which are annoying as hell but i'm lucky that my acne doesn't leave any scars.
  7. Yea i used to be like that as well, when i'm around too many people close up i start feeling hot and my face turns red ect...what i decided to do was to stop getting a drive to school and start taking the bus and facing more of these situations. After a while you start losing those anxieties and will start feeling more comfortable around people.
  8. I had a similar situation, whether or not i should go out for dinner with my dad and his co-workers family. Eventually i did go and even though it was pretty boring overall but at least i got out of the house.
  9. I don't usually pop my pimples unless its one of those pimples where you know if you don't do anything about it, it'll never go away. But if i do pop a pimple i usually get a good feeling that its gonna be gone faster than if i just left it.
  10. Nope i have like 2 different face wash one for the morning and for night time use. I also have a something for exfoliation and a bottle of moisturizer and thats it. My sister on the other hand has a million bottles of beauty products which has taken over 40% of the bathroom counter.
  11. I know, I really hate people who stare at my acne. Like today i was on the bus and this middle aged women kept staring at my face and it was making me uncomfertable, even when i looked in her direction she still kept on staring. I was pretty relieved when she finally got off the bus.
  12. Yea i do that too sometimes when i'm watching a tv show, but i must say though make up covers pretty well. I remember watching an outdoor scene under bright lights and seeing that some artists do have skin problems but with good lighting and camera angles and good make up you can definitely cover up the flaws.