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  1. *shrinks in her seat thinking about the breakouts that would result from eating any of those* I don't think anyone can tell you 100 % what's best for you. Some people have said olive is ok but saturated fats break them out badly. others say they wont touch a highly polyunsaturated fat but eat all saturated fats and red meat. It depends on your skin. maybe you should test each of them and see what you find about your skin? However, it surprises me that not many people here think to cook WITHOUT
  2. LOL. was that a joke ? if not, that just gave me the greatest laugh
  3. i hear you.... I dont have the asnwer i dont think but one thing i can tell you is if your going the diet route.... (in my own experience) added fats & oils, AS WELL AS carbohydrates do effect my sebum level. Fats do it far worse (things that break me out bad are seeds nuts eggs oils...) but even fruits give me little whiteheads/blackheads. after i saw my sebum level go way down Im pretty convinced food effects the hormones that produce skins oil.
  4. its just a theory but maybe your not getting as many nutrients now with a stricter diet? is it the same type of acne u had before when u didnt scar? or is it more severe acne now thats leaving scars?
  5. new idea.... what if say there's a reson why fats are causing me such horrendous breakouts? Maybe my fat metabolism is shot? wasn't there another poster here who took b vitamins or something so fats wouldnt break her out anymore?? anyone who can help me with this?
  6. thats a new concept.... i may try this out... Yeah, what these people don't understand is that you cannot be both low fat and low carb. Why? Say "low" is less than 20% of your caloric intake (really more like 15%, but w/e). 20% from carbs, 20% from fat, the rest (60%) has to come from protein. Search what rabbit starvation is online. You will starve in a diet that is so high in protein, no matter how many calories you are eating. Your liver is just not prepared to do this. We hav
  7. well this is going to sound rather emotional so forgive me but I have had a god awful 5 years of trying to get hollistically clear (thats just diet trying,herbs,vitamins and such... i have had acne for 8 years). For reasons i'd rather not get into, I got very depressed and alot of my healthy lifestyle went down the drain. as did topicals and antibiotics. And my acne has never been worse. I am currently living off lean protein (fish turkey chicken) and vegetables, and no added fat...anyone else t
  8. wow really? I only drink like 2 or 3 normal sized glasses a day and i thought that was bad. do you ever get dehydrated?
  9. Well heres my problem..... I cant do just low fat.... because eating lowfat usually includes grains, fruit and legumes which give me blackheads, small (i.e. normal/average) sized pimples, and my skin gets very dry and flakey/red. but i also cant do low carb because I have discovered that after six months of great initial results, I started breaking out in severe cystic acne and my skin became extremely oily. I attribute this to eating very high amounts of fat which apparently didn't agree wit
  10. That's very interesting... seeing as I stopped exercising and started eating more right around that time where I had that horrible breakout. maybe it was insulin resistance contributing. Nearly all added fats are breaking me out at this point. I dont add any extra to my meals. it's sad. However on a no added fat diet, my oil production is nearly nothing. which i do love...... but i want to eat again I have almost nothing to pick from now Im taking a probitic like you as well. And I have a li
  11. whey would cause me weird little acne bumps i dont use it anymore even though its delicious. are u mixing it with milk too? milk is like the first thing that should leave your diet if you have cystic acne, angry red infected acne or you have stomache/disgestive problems... such as gas bloating etc. dairy is bad bad for most acne sufferers. brown rice is the least allergenic carbohydrate so thats good if you have food allergies but if your not seeing results.... dont be afraid to cut out rice a
  12. I took a ton of coconut oil for a while actually.... I do and dont recommend doing so. I like it because if your naturally lean it does pack a calorie punch. Im only a hundred pounds so doing a diet made me lose 10 more... not good lol. I put it back on with coconut oil. it does have anti-bacterial, antifungal, antiviral qualities too yes. and the saturated fat boosts your immune system i believe. and that kinda fat will keep you from developing wrinkles.. HOWEVER, and that is a big howeve
  13. I did the candida diet for a while. not sure if it ever was candida.... maybe it was. But I dont know you or how your body responds to foods... but I will warn you that when i did this diet i did fine-got clear even- until I started eating ALOT of fat (think eggs/bacon/avocado/mayo/cod liver oil/omega 369/red meat/coconut oil/butter by the spoonful) ...then i broke out all over my body into cystic acne. and my skin was producing oil like crazy. if you tend to break out from fatty foods, just be
  14. Can i just tell you I love your posts? I read them often. So insightful and open minded. As for this issue, I really think that psychological distress can effect the body's hormonal system and can either cause or exaggerbate acne. For example... if say someone was taxing their internal flora already by eating an excessive amount of sugar, had just come off an antibiotic, and was working a stressful job as well.... you can see how that could very well bring on a bad breakout. I know I never tho